10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener

Jul 16, 2021 13:30:00PM

Whether you’re new to using Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener or it’s been a staple in your kitchen for a while, we have heaps of sugar-free knowledge for everyone. Get all your Brown Sweetener questions answered here! 

We’ve heard a few people ask, “How is Brown Sweetener different from Golden Sweetener?” or “What gives it the brown color if it doesn’t use molasses?” We sat down with our product development team and asked all the questions so you can be in the know. Keep reading to find out all 10 facts.

1. How similar is Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener to regular brown sugar?

  • Tastes: like brown sugar
  • Smells: like brown sugar
  • Feels: soft and moist like brown sugar, packs like it too!
  • Sounds: like a chorus of tiny angels singing (...ok, maybe that’s just us but we’re not ruling it out)

As you can see, it’s pretty similar. Lakanto Brown Sweetener has all the same features, without any of the molasses!

2. Where does Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener get its color from?

Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener’s color naturally comes from the monk fruit extract. During the extraction process there are two different types of mogrosides (the stuff that makes monk fruit sweet) that are produced, one of these mogrosides is darker than the other which is then used to produce Brown and Golden Sweeteners. None of our sweeteners have any added colors. To learn more about the extraction process, check out our “What is Monk Fruit?” page.

3. How is Brown Sweetener different from Golden Sweetener?

cookies made with brown monkfruit sweetener

Pictured recipe: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Great question! The new Brown Sweetener has a moist consistency and is a true replacement for brown sugar, whereas Golden Sweetener is a replacement for raw cane sugar. Golden Sweetener still works to replace brown sugar, but this new product gives a more direct replacement. We won’t judge if you like using one in place of the other though!

4. What’s the taste difference between Lakanto Brown Sweetener and Golden Sweetener?

Brown Sweetener: Tastes like light brown sugar. Natural flavor is added which gives it the scent and subtle flavor of brown sugar.

Golden Sweetener: Hints of maple. No natural flavor added and all flavor is from monk fruit and erythritol. 

5. What is the natural flavoring in Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener?

We’d love to reveal the specific natural flavor we use, however, we’d get in trouble for leaking proprietary information. What we can confirm is that we only use natural flavors. They’re derived from plants whereas artificial flavors are lab created. You can rest assured that nothing is artificial about this sweetener.

6. What makes Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener moist?

In order to achieve some of the same qualities of brown sugar, Brown Sweetener has vegetable glycerin in it. Our vegetable glycerin is a vegan alternative compared to other animal based glycerins. The purpose for the glycerin is to help Brown Sweetener retain moisture and allow it to pack, just like brown sugar.

7. How do I use Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener?

brown butter pecan bars

Pictured recipe: Brown Butter Pecan Pie Bars

Use it as a brown sugar substitute in recipes that call for brown sugar, simple as that! A few popular categories we've seen it in most:

  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Sauces
  • Glazes

Our favorite recipes that use Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener include: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies, BBQ sauce, Cheesecake, and Brown Butter Pecan Pie Bars.

To see more recipes that use Brown Sweetener, check out the Brown Sweetener category on our recipe page. Let us know how it went by leaving a comment on the recipe page or tagging us on social media with @Lakanto.

8. Can I use Brown Sweetener in place of other Lakanto Sweeteners?

It depends. Would you use brown sugar in place of white sugar? If so, feel free to try it. Although, since our Brown Sweetener has different texture, flavor and moisture content, we can't guarantee that your recipes will turn out the way you want.

9. Is there anything Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener can’t do?

Contrary to popular belief, Brown Sweetener won’t solve all your problems or replace every sweetener in your kitchen (although it would be awesome if it did!). We recommend using Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener for recipes that call for brown sugar, and with that, here are some guidelines for substitutions and limitations:

Frosting: refine the Brown Sweetener in a blender first or use Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener.

Ice cream: refine the Brown Sweetener in a blender first or use Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener.

Caramel sauce: caramel sauce is possible to make, but because it needs to be heated up in order for all the ingredients to blend together, it’s best to eat it right away or else it will crystallize upon cooling.

Caramel candies: did you know that regular sugar can sometimes crystallize when making caramels? It’s a tricky process even in normal circumstances! Unfortunately, erythritol doesn’t allow caramelization to take place as sugar does because it doesn’t hold onto water molecules when it’s heated up. We’re still looking into alternatives for this to happen, but in the meantime we’d rather be upfront about any limitations so you can live your best sugar-free life. Wondering why erythritol is paired with monk fruit in our sweeteners? Read the first section in our article: Lakanto Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions.

10. Can I use Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener even though I’m on a special diet?

Yes! Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener works with multiple lifestyles that need to cut out sugar. Our sweeteners have the capability to do so because they aren’t sugar (surprise!). Brown Sweetener has zero net carbs, zero calories per serving, is diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly, and vegan. Unlike sugar, Lakanto Brown Monkfruit Sweetener doesn’t spike blood glucose levels and won’t leave you with an energy crash or headaches after. If you have any questions about this product fitting your lifestyle, please consult your doctor. 

 brown monkfruit swetener

And there you have it, all the facts you’ve wanted to know about Brown Sweetener, and more! It's an honor to have Brown Sweetener in kitchens like yours in order to make life sweeter and cut the negative effects of sugar. Wondering what customers have to say about it? Here's what customer Linda L. told us in the product reviews:

Versatile and delicious!

“So happy to have the brown sugar in my keto kitchen! Coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls and barbecue sauce tastes exactly like it did before! No weird aftertaste either! Bravo Lakanto, thanks for enriching my lifestyle.”  -Linda L. 

Looking to get your hands on a bag or two? Head over to Brown Sweetener’s product page to get stocked up and baking with Brown Sweetener in no time!

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