Ultimate Sugar-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Aug 03, 2022 12:16:17PM

This recipe is for us who LOVE our cookies but not all of the sugar that comes with traditional recipes. Lucky for us, we can still have our cookies and avoid sugar by using our Monkfruit Sweeteners that measure and bake like sugar but with Zero Net Carbs, Zero Glycemic, Zero Calories. 
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Used toll house cookie recipe and used 3 eggs still appeared to be a little dry added a total of 4 eggs. Used 1/2 golden sweeteners and 1/2 cup packed brown sweetener. Turned out to be a soft chocolate chip cookie my husband couldn’t tell the difference.

Very tasty! But true it is not like a traditional chocolate chip cookie. This one a bit dryer and not as dense as a regular chocolate chip cookie but it was still really good. No cooling sensation as some erythrol


I made these using an equal amount of almond flour and they burnt. :(


Used this recipe adding 2/3 cup cocoa. Chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Wonderful!


I made up a batch of these the day after Christmas. My husband and I had been to a Christmas party on Christmas day and we got alot of sweets sent home with us but none that I could eat…so I made these so I would not have to watch while the other goodies were eaten. They sure did do 5he trick for me and I am loving the new life style I am achieving! Thanks for all the good products you sell!


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