Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe: Sugar Free & Tasty

May 11, 2021 17:00:00PM

For all the chocolate cookie lovers out there, this one is doubling up on all the good stuff you can't get enough of! If you've been checking out our Chocolate Chips recently, you may have noticed this is the same recipe on the back of the packaging! Without further ado, we'll let you get to the recipe so you can start eating these cookies faster. Don't forget to read our baking tips and tricks near the end to make these the best monk fruit sweetened cookies yet!

    Double Chocolate Chip Cookies Lakanto Recipe - Sugar Free



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    How many cookies are in a serving ? Also, how long will the dough hold up in the refrigerator? I might want to just bake one or two a night.


    can these cookie be frozen? What are the nutritional values/calorie count for these cookies?

    rose coster

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