4 Sugar-Free Recipes Using Lakanto Chocolate Chips

May 14, 2021 17:36:59PM

Sometimes all you need is a little chocolate. Whether you want to enjoy our Monkfruit-Sweetened Chocolate Chips on their own or make them into a dessert worth raving about, these little chips can do it all. (And can we give them a round of applause for satisfying our sweet tooth without any sugar??).

Here are a few of our favorite sugar-free recipes that use our Chocolate Chips! So if you're looking for different ways to utilize these bad boys, look no further. Get ready to say, "Yum!"

Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookies

These classic chocolate chip cookies are sugar free AND gluten free (but that doesn't mean anyone needs to know)! These tasty cookies are sweetened with monk fruit and baked in an air fryer. In our latest effort to try new methods of baking, the air fryer has won over the hearts of our test kitchen! If you don't currently own one, and you and your neighbor aren't currently at that point in the relationship where you can just come over to bake cookies in theirs, then a traditional oven is definitely still an option.

Sugar Free Chocolate Donuts

Life is too short not to eat the donuts. Thankfully, you can indulge without having to compromise your health goals with this Chocolate Donut recipe! We made these Sugar-Free Chocolate Donuts possible thanks to our newly reformulated Pancake & Baking Mix to create the perfect gluten free, keto friendly base. Choose between Peanut Butter or Suntella Chocolate glaze (or enjoy both!) for an a-glazing donut treat! 

Double Chocolate Frappe

Make your favorite coffee shop drink at home with this chocolate frappe recipe. Best of all there's no sugar or dairy! Chocolate chips and chocolate syrup make this copycat recipe one that you won't be able to resist. 

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

For all the chocolate cookie lovers out there, this one is doubling up on all the good stuff you can't get enough of! If you've been checking out our Chocolate Chips recently, you may have noticed this is the same recipe on the back of the packaging! Without further ado, we'll let you get to the recipe so you can start eating these cookies faster. Don't forget to read our baking tips and tricks near the end to make these the best monk fruit sweetened cookies yet!

If you make any of these recipes, let us know below or tag us on InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest, or TikTok. We're here to cheer on your sugar-free success and answer any questions you may have! Want to be a sugar-free baking pro? Check out our Lakanto Baking Guide and even download it for easy reference.

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