Giving Up Sugar: Real Stories From Real People

Oct 04, 2022 17:00:02PM

We hear stories about cutting sugar, and to be perfectly honest, the first few days don’t sound fun at all. Cravings, fatigue, headaches… people experience a range of effects in the early stages of cutting out sugar, and everyone’s experience is different. 

But what happens after the hard part? What does week two, month two, or year two of giving up sugar look like? Here are a few accounts from Redditors about their experience on the other side of quitting sugar. 

Some responses edited for clarity. 

Cutting sugar, mood, and mental health

These Redditors experienced mood and mental health improvements from going sugar-free. 



“I cut sugar and noticed my overall daily mood improved. I would get annoyed over tiny little things and was generally down. It’s the main reason I continue low sugar.”

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Could cutting sugar make your food taste better?

Heightened enjoyment of food seems to be a common theme that pops up in discussions around giving up sugar. 


“I find myself enjoying food so much more now as it has more taste. One of my new favorites is plain oatmeal, and I've always hated that but now I really enjoy the taste of it.”


“I notice it more with some things than others. For example, fruits and sweet vegetables like carrots taste way sweeter now. Everything else just tastes a little ‘more’, like having turned up the volume a couple clicks.”


“Food tastes better. I haven't needed to salt my food like I did before. Fruits taste sweeter and even not very sweet things taste sweeter. Plain water tastes better. I was never a big plain water person, but now I only have a La Croix every other day or so, whereas before I was drinking 2 a day. I drink a lot of just plain still water.”

People who have been sugar-free for a while might not enjoy sweet foods as much as they used to


“Yesterday I had a [candy] bar for the first time in several months and it shocked me how different it was compared to before I went sugar-free. It was so sickeningly sweet, it actually made my face wrinkle up in disgust. I felt genuinely disgusted by it and it didn't make me want to immediately binge on sugary things like I would have before, it just reinforced that I'm not missing anything by not eating these kinds of foods.

“Just wanted to let people know that your palate WILL change over time and what is hard at the beginning will become easy. You genuinely won't want these products after a while.”

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I went sugar-free after a battle with hypertension post pre-eclampsia. I don’t get hungry much at all and if I do it’s not nearly as overwhelming as it use to be – I used to have to immediately stop everything to answer hunger’s call. Now I really enjoy the natural taste of vegetables and fruit is so rewarding to my palate. Every now and then I’ll have a slice of bread and it’ll taste oddly sweet. Sometimes I’ll try to have a dessert, but added sugar is practically repulsive to my taste buds now. My energy is high, my joints are youthful and I am back to being as thin as I was in high school. It took some time to beat the cravings, but I don’t miss added sugar AT ALL.

Jameelah Muhammad

I gave up sugar almost 18 months ago . I have scoliosis and had become overweight since retirement. I decided to try Keto and it was hard the first month getting purged of sugars , rice and pasta let alone my bread intake. I lost 50 pounds But the best thing of all was my joints didn’t ache like they used to! I started going to the gym and not feeling overwhelmed by my workouts. Although I follow my spine doctor’s exercises he suggested for my type of scoliosis I have to say I am so much better now ! Thank you for making products that has helped me in my journey.


It’s fabulous it’s all I use now!! But it’s so EXPENSIVE!!!!! Surely you could sell a lot more of it if everyone could afford it!!

Sharon Sweet-Johnson

i cut out sugar year ago & don’t care for it much anymore. during the summer i eat a small pastry every two wks & that<s all. i feel so much better! i eat coconut ice cream with monkfruit & stevia in it & love it. i no longer even like ice cream with sugar, it now taste odd. when i want candy i eat lakanto’s candy. its not hard to go sugar free if you have a game plan.


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