5 Mindful Eating Tips to Help You Savor Every Bite

Jul 03, 2024 09:00:02AM

Ever find yourself mindlessly devouring an entire bag of chips or a tub of ice cream before you even realize what happened? We’ve all been there — zoning out in front of the TV, inhaling snacks without really tasting them. If you want to start savoring your meals more and give your gut some extra love, it’s time to get mindful about eating! Here are five tips to fully enjoy your food and feel good during and after meals. 


1. Be Present at the Dinner Table

Mindful eating involves being fully present while eating. It means slowing down, savoring each bite, and listening to your body’s hunger and fullness cues. When you eat mindfully, you’ll notice things you missed before, like the flavors, textures, and even sounds of your food. Paying attention to the little details of food can make eating feel more special and enjoyable.

2. Explore Your Senses 

Engaging all five senses while you eat can really help you get in touch with mindful eating.

  • Sight: Admire the vibrant colors, textures, and arrangement of the food on your plate before digging in. 
  • Smell: Enjoy the aroma of spices, freshly baked goods, or delicious sauces simmering away.
  • Sound: Be aware of the sounds of eating. Pay attention to the crunch of a crisp apple, the clinking of silverware on your plate, or the sizzle of meat in a hot pan.
  • Touch: Think about your foods' different temperatures and textures, like the warmth of a fresh, flaky croissant.
  • Taste: Savor every bite and try to pick out individual flavors. Is it salty, sweet, or sour? Can you detect the flavors of the different spices, vegetables, or cheeses?

3. Eat Slower and Digest Better

Mindful practices can help you tune into the joy of eating and improve your physical health. Eating too quickly can lead to overeating, indigestion, and sickness. When you eat mindfully and slowly, you give your gut time to register the “I’m full” signal from your hormones before you’re overstuffed. Chewing thoroughly also helps break down foods for smoother digestion.

4. Pace Yourself 

When we’re really hungry, it’s easy to wolf down forkfuls of food like we’re afraid it’ll be taken away. Here are some tips for pacing yourself during meals.

  • Take small bites
  • Chew thoroughly 
  • Pause between bites
  • Sip water or a nice sugar-free drink between courses

Your stomach will thank you for slowing down and taking time to enjoy and digest your food.

5. Take Mindful Eating Everywhere

While practicing mindful eating during a sit-down meal is easy, you can apply these principles whenever you eat or drink something. Even for a quick snack, pause for a moment before taking your first bite and appreciate what you’re about to enjoy. 


Slowing down and savoring each bite helps you build a healthier relationship with food. Simply by bringing intention to your meals, you can bring back the joy of eating and improve digestion. So take a breath and spend some extra time with your food. Your taste buds and gut will thank you! 


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