Serve Healthy, Nutritional Desserts at Your Next Party

Feb 16, 2016 10:21:00AM

When you're hosting a party, it's easy to go overboard on the desserts that are full of sugar and fat. The problem is that you're encouraging yourself and your guests to splurge too much (on top of the snacks/meal and drinks you'll serve as well), or you'll alienate guests who are trying to stick to a healthy eating plan.

Serve Healthy, Nutritional Desserts at Your Next Party

There's a way you can encourage and help your guests eat more healthily while showing them how decadent and mouth-watering sugar-free and pure chocolate treats can be. Everyone will want your recipes! (Or feel free to keep the healthiness a secret when the situation warrants it, and no one will be the wiser!)

Easy Sugar-Free Desserts

One option for healthier treats is to create new sugar-free versions of your favorite recipes by replacing the sugar with Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener, a natural sugar substitute. Changing your recipes is an easy process with Lakanto because you can use the exact same amount of Lakanto as you would have used with regular sugar. Instead of performing math to adapt your recipe with a certain ratio of monk fruit sweetener to sugar, simply use a 1:1 ratio, which is easy as can be.

So when your party recipe for brownies, cupcakes or some other treat calls for sugar, just use monk fruit sweetener instead. Once you do the switch, you get your sweetness from monk fruit, which won't give you the same blood sugar highs and lows that sugar does, and comes with other benefits that include healthy antioxidants. And when the recipe needs brown sugar, simply go for the golden variety of Lakanto.

Tips to Make Desserts More Nutritious

Another choice is to come up with creative new treats that use an abundance of healthy ingredients. Start with substituting your sugar with Lakanto like you did in the step above. Then, try other healthy substitutions that will add nutrition and skip traditional dessert ingredients that should be consumed in moderation, such as oil and white flour. Try these substitutions:
  • Use a whole grain flour, such as white whole wheat or millet flour, instead of processed white flour.
  • Replace some or all of the oil or butter in your recipe with applesauce or bananas. In a chocolate recipe, you could choose pureed prunes instead. Dense, moist recipes, such as cakes, dessert breads and brownies, lend themselves particularly well to theses substitutions. To replace the oil, use a ratio of 3/4:1; to replace oil in lighter recipes or to switch out butter, use 1/2:1.
  • Use pure chocolate with real cacao in your chocolaty recipe, such as fudge or chocolate cake, to create a delicious treat without the unhealthy additions of other forms of chocolate. Lakanto sugar-free chocolate won't add sugar, milk and other additives to your dessert.

Skip The Baking 

If you want an easy solution for your party, or another option along with homemade treats, put out some chocolate bars made with pure cacao. This is a simple way to offer a nutritional treat.

Guests who are health conscious will appreciate the choice of healthy treats at your party, whether that's all you serve or you put them out alongside traditional desserts. And those who aren't watching what they eat will still love the taste of these treats, so they won't be missing anything!

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