Sugar-Free Fondue

Dec 27, 2022 16:17:23PM

Making fondue is surprisingly easy and these simple fondue recipes are perfect for a holiday celebration, a snowy night at home, and a fun dessert for a romantic dinner or party. We've kept things sugar-free using our Monkfruit Sweetener and share some of our other sugar-free products for a sweet evening in.

Here are some tips to make your fondue experience successful:

1. Although nice to have, these recipes do not require a fondue pot. A simple, good saucepan will work well on lower heat. 

2. Make sure to watch that the heat stays low—otherwise the chocolate can separate, get grainy, and burn easily.

3. Add the liquid in the recipe first, then add chocolate and heat just until melted. Then add other ingredients.

4. Make sure your pan and any other dishes that come into contact with your chocolate are completely dry and free from water.

5. Salvage thickened or lumpy chocolate by stirring in a few teaspoons of coconut oil.

6. Change up the flavor with spices like cinnamon, vanilla bean, or cayenne; coffee grounds; or liqueurs like Grand Marnier.

7. Add a scoop of Lakanto Suntella Sunflower Spread for a gourmet addition 

8. Use skewers to dip! 


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