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Recipes to Celebrate Dad

Recipes to Celebrate Dad

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This one's for the sauce boss. The king of the grill. The one, the only: Dad. Here are some recipes to celebrate all the father figures as we gather around the grill. This sugar-free celebration starts with a toast and will end with a steak-knife salute. To all the dads that have been there for us, thank you for ALL you've done. This one's for you!


All American Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce

All American Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce

 A bold and tangy sugar-free BBQ sauce that covers flavor profiles from Kansas City, Memphis and Texas style BBQ. Made with Lakanto Golden Sweetener and Maple Flavored Syrup.

Sweet and Savory Chicken Marinade

 This sugar-free marinade is for those looking to kick it up a notch with zest and flavor! Not only is it good with chicken, but also pairs well with fish. Made with Lakanto Classic Sweetener.

Sugar-Free Steak Dry Rub

A delicious, easy, sweet and smoky seasoning mix for rubbing on meat before grilling. Made with Lakanto Golden Sweetener.