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Peppermint Brownie Cookies

Peppermint Brownie Cookies


Can't decide between a cookie and a brownie? You can have it all with these delicious brownie-cookies with peppermint frosting.

sugar free chocolate peppermint

Brownie Cookies

1 package Lakanto Brownie Mix 

1 egg 

¼ cup Lakanto Chocolate Chips 

½ c avocado oil 

½ c coconut flour 


Mix well and let stand 10 minutes. Refrigerate for 60 minutes for best results.

Drop 1 Tablespoon sized scoops onto greased or lined cookie sheet.

Bake for 350 degrees, 10-12 minutes. 


Peppermint Drizzle 

½ cup Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener 

1 tsp peppermint essential oil or peppermint extract 

A few drops of hot water  


In a medium bowl, mix powdered Lakanto with peppermint oil (to taste- adjust as necessary), then mix a few drops of hot water. Stir stir stir. If it's too thick, add another couple drops of water.  

Drizzle on fully cooled brownie cookie using piping bag with small hole or with a spoon and let set up before serving.