Easy Sugar Free Virgin Mojito

Dec 29, 2021 12:00:02PM

Knowing how to make the base (aka virgin) recipe of classic cocktails is a skill that will earn you titles such as 'kid-friendly hostess' and 'cocktail king.' We've shared many so far, making sugar-free ginger ale, fruit spritzers, and even keto egg nog—all without the sugar and typical carbs (thanks to monk fruit).

Easy Mojito

The mojito base is pretty simple. Even simpler if your container garden has fresh mint on hand. We turned to a popular sparkling water brand for this recipe, but you can sub in any variation you like... flavored sparkling waters have seen an explosion recently, offering new flavor profiles and several new brands coming onto the scene. It's great to have a variety on hand, whether you just need a break from plain old aqua, or you want to be able to whip up an afternoon delight without a trip to the store.


Sugar-Free Virgin Mojito Ingredients & Instructions

This recipe makes one mojito. We recommend prepping a full lime and a handful of mint sprigs at a time if you're hosting. It's quick to stir up this easy mojito:

  • squeeze 3 lime wedges into glass
  • add 5-6 drops of liquid monkfruit
  • muddle mint into lime and sweetener in glass
  • add ice
  • pour lime sparkling soda over top, then stir to meld the flavors

Hosting a May Mojito party and need more sugar-free recipes? Add this Raspberry Ginger Mojito recipe to the mix. You only need a few extra ingredients to offer a variety of mojitos.

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