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Raspberry Ginger Virgin Mojitos

Raspberry Ginger Virgin Mojitos

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This keto-friendly raspberry ginger mojito is so delicious you don't even need alcohol--but you could also add a splash of something. ;)





1/2 Cup Raspberries

2 teaspoons Fresh Ginger, Chopped Finely

8-10 Mint Leaves

3 Limes, Juiced

10-12 Ice Cubes

Sparkling Water

4 Tablespoons Lakanto Flavored Simple Syrup



Divide the Raspberries, Chopped Ginger, Mint Leaves, and Lime Juice between two tall glasses.

Using a spoon mash the raspberries, mint, and ginger to help the flavors release. 

Add a handful of ice cubes into each glass and then fill the glass the rest of the way with sparkling water. Add 2 Tablespoons of Simple Syrup into each glass (or more for desired sweetness) and stir to combine.


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