This Herb Kills Nearly All Forms of Cancer Cells

This Herb Kills Nearly All Forms of Cancer Cells

Who doesn’t know someone whose life has been ravaged by cancer? Cancer is merciless and elusive. Traditional treatment through toxic chemotherapy drugs helps eliminate the cancer cells but it ignores the root cause of the disease  and doesn’t help create and maintain an “anti-cancer” environment in the body. Chemotherapy can kill healthy cells and even spur cancer stem cells to become more treatment resistant. However, chemotherapy does play a huge role in killing a significant amount of cancer cells, and we aren’t saying that this treatment should never be used. But it may be possible that chemotherapy be used as a last resort instead of the first line of defense. There may be a simpler, more natural solution.

An encouraging development has emerged as people have recently been using a natural herb as a treatment for over 100 different types of cancer! The fact that mainstream medicine has ignored this natural herb is bordering on outrageous. The powers that be are too set on the use of conventional chemotherapy drugs and apparently too preoccupied to seriously consider new, innovative options for fighting cancer.  Recent studies have shown that this simple herb outperformed chemotherapy drugs and is finally starting to get the long overdue recognition it deserves. 

What’s the secret? A common herb called turmeric that is well-known by name but little known by its astonishing qualities.


Turmeric Outperformed Chemotherapy Drug

Turmeric’s active ingredient, Curcumin is the new cancer fighting machine. A study of a small group of patients clearly shows that Curcumin was substantially more effective in reducing overall cancer cells and cancer stem cells than chemo drugs alone. In a more simple way of saying things: Curcumin went toe-to-toe with chemotherapy and completely and utterly blew it away- an astonishing, mind-blowing result! Due to intensive research, curcumin has targeted many types of cancer, including colorectal, pancreatic, breast, and blood cancers. There’s no doubt about it, we will see it curing more and more types of cancer as research continues.

This is groundbreaking news! There is a safer, non-toxic, improved way to treat cancer. So why is it not being used? Unfortunately, turmeric is not approved by the FDA for a cancer treatment- despite its proven results. Many say the big reason why is because big pharmaceutical companies have invested millions of dollars in clinical trials and they don’t want to see their profits decrease by a single penny. These companies don’t have much financial incentive to create a cure through a simple kitchen spice, so why would they promote such a thing?

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