Are “Harmless” Habits Stealing Your Youth?


These 6 Habits Are the Culprit to Premature Wrinkling

What are sagging eye bags, dark circles, fine lines, acne, and excess facial oil trying to tell you? Daily habits may be wreaking havoc on your skin and destroying its precious collagen. What are these seemingly harmless culprits?

Yo-yo dieting: Extreme diets take a toll on skin. Back and forth weight gain and loss cause your skin to lose its elasticity.  Wrinkles and sags are left behind stealing your youthful appearance.

Skipping meals: Did you know skin is impacted by skipping meals? A regular supply of nutrients keeps the skin bright and elastic. Not eating leads your body to draw moisture from places like our faces, resulting in rapidly aging and dry skin.

Phone: That cell phone is guilty too!  Dirty phones that touch our skin cause damage. Clogged pores lead to unsightly breakouts.

High-sodium diets: Maybe it sounds counterintuitive but sodium increases water retention AND dehydrates your skin. The water is retained in areas where you don’t want it and then taken from places like your skin where you need it to avoid dryness, flaking and fine lines.

Too much alcohol: Like sodium, alcohol is another culprit that dries your skin. Over time, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol will leave your skin parched and wrinkled.

Not exercising enough: Not only does exercise support our mental health and overall physical wellness, it rejuvenates the skin. The body cleanses toxins when you sweat helping dead skin cells to slough off leaving your skin vibrant.

Your skin will thank you for purging any or all of these unhealthy habits. Ultimately, the secret to aging well starts with a healthy lifestyle.

Our guest writer, Candice Nicole with Humineral, understands what her body needs in order to live a healthy life. She knows what her body needs in order to achieve not only a radiant, youthful look but to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Candice Nicole: I'm a big proponent of knowing your body. Your body is an intricate machine that gives you signals and feedback, based on your internal/external body care. Some of us are out of touch with our body and do not interpret the signals we receive daily from that first head lift from pillow to end of day feet up.

Through working out, meditating, healthy eating, supplementation, personal experimentation, and scientific testing, you can start or get back in touch with your body.

Become Body Conscious for HEALTH —

I've become very attuned with my body. I never follow a set program. However, I make sure that exercise, diet, and supplementation are a part of my life. Healthy is a lifestyle. My regular exercises include hiking, tennis, cycling, and yoga. I know when to go hard, pushing beyond comfort, when to supplement and with what, what exercises to do on a given day, and when to take it easy.

I am not a huge vitamin person as I get that from my mostly organic diet. I do believe in mineral supplementation of course and lots of antioxidants; resveratrol, grape seed, alpha lipoic acid, ashwagandha are just some of the antioxidants I take. I take several of these supplements for several days at a time and then switch and take others.

It is a good idea to give your body a shake up. Instead of the normal two dose suggested, I take one of each antioxidant, as I know my body. Since I take Humic Acid MINERAL, all nutrients are made more absorbable and bioavailable for use where needed in the body, and I am getting powerful electrolytes. Then there are 2-3 times a year I go completely off every supplement I'm taking, usually for 1-2 weeks, no set practice.

At this time, I do more hot yoga for detoxing, instead of pilates or Hatha. I eat very clean, organic foods and make sure my body receives its respective nutrients. Mixing up my workout routines challenges the body, works different areas and does not allow any area to be missed, or easily injured due to areas of the body not getting attention, rarely or never.

My favorite frequents, local and when on the road for healthy produce, prepared organic foods, fresh juice/smoothies, supplements and unique items: Erewhon, Lassen's, Vintage Organic Markets, California - Fruitful Yield, Murphy's Health & Juice Bar, Walsh Natural Health, Illinois, - Pure Health Foods, Nevada - Health Nuts, Green Garden Health & Juice Bar, Natural Green Market, New York and No Name Nutrition, Nebraska.

***Both Lakanto and HUmineral believe that understanding your body is vital to achieving a healthy lifestyle and radiant skin. 



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