low carb broccoli slaw

Nov 04, 2020 22:50:00PM

Slaw recipes don't have to involve cabbage. And slaw also doesn't have to involve sugar. An obvious substitution to make slaw lower in carbohydrates is to swap the sugar in the recipe for monk fruit. The less-obvious substitution for slaw are other vegetables, but plenty of them work well together.

This recipe features broccoli—it works really well as the base because you have the medium chunks but also the filler of the tiny broccoli buds...or are those broccoli hairs? (We actually have no idea what those are called...but we love 'em!)

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Thank you for the recipe. I have been buying your products from big lots. And a store called grocery outlet here in Ca I have shared your products and only use your monk fruit sweeteners.

Lorea hathaway

It is super tasty and very healthy. We eat onlt this 3x a week for supper. It’s filling and we don’t crave for any sweets before retiring.


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