Lakanto blows away Top Chefs in Taste Test

Jul 23, 2014 12:42:00PM

Our customers and partners always tell us Lakanto™ is the best tasting all natural zero calorie sweetener they’ve ever tried, so we weren’t too surprised when a group representing America’s top chefs said the same thing!

Monk fruit named best tasting sugar substitute

Lakanto™ has received a reputable third-party culinary endorsement as a superior tasting natural and sugar free sweetener.

This honor comes from the American Masters of Taste, a prestigious national panel of corporate and executive chefs who offer culinary endorsements to the top food and beverage companies in specific product categories.

Lakanto™ Declared a 2014 USA Taste Champion

The American Masters of Taste judging panel agreed that, Lakanto™ has created two all-natural sweeteners that are superior tasting and offer a great alternative to typical sugar replacers.

Both Lakanto™ White and Lakanto™ Golden were evaluated and found to be superior. The judging was conducted triple blind in Northern California by a panel of top chefs.

The protocols of triple blind judging include the following ground rules to ensure accurate and fair judging results. During the evaluation, the chefs did not know who the manufacturer is, the product’s brand or what the other evaluator’s scores and comments were.

Needless to say, our team is really excited about this honor. We hope this recognition of Lakanto™’s great taste will embolden all our customers, affiliate partners and champions to spread the word about Lakanto™, the sweetest and most delicious way to cut calories and reduce the glycemic load.

We encourage all our partners, champions and affiliates to take advantage of this third-party endorsement as part of their promotion of Lakanto™.

Recommended for Chefs by Top Chefs

Who are the American Masters of Taste? Their members include corporate and executive chefs from national restaurant chains, 5-star hotels, cruise lines and more. Their mission is to identify, evaluate and endorse the superior tasting products on the market. Since 1986, they’ve prided themselves as being America’s Palate.

Thanks, everyone!

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