Creamy Keto Caramel Sauce with Golden Allulose

Nov 14, 2023 15:43:55PM
Savor the sweet creaminess of caramel without a hint of guilt. Our Homemade Sugar-Free Caramel Sauce with Allulose is a game-changer for those who appreciate the rich, silky indulgence of caramel but prefer to keep their sugar intake in check. Crafted with the incredible sweetness of allulose, this sauce is a guilt-free treat that can elevate your desserts, beverages, or even savory dishes.
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I made this for my insulin-resistant mother and and it tasted amazing!! I hate any kind of sugar free flavor, but this was just a buttery, delicious caramel sauce. However, I used the monk sugar with erythritol instead of allulose because it’s a bit more blood-sugar friendly, but it sadly crystalized as soon as it cooled. Is there a trick to keeping it from crystalizing? Is the allulose better for avoiding crystalization?


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