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What's So Great About Celery Juice?

What's So Great About Celery Juice?

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You may have noticed a shortage of celery in grocery stores recently. Celery juice is all the rage and the celery juice routine that has become popular requires juicing an entire stalk of celery, first thing in the morning. Results have ranged from sleeping better to clearer skin to better digestion, but can an organic celery juice cleanse really solve all your problems?

According to the USDA, National Nutrient Database, celery contains vitamins and minerals that benefit our overall health including sodium, potassium, vitamins, riboflavin, and fiber. Let’s break down how some of these elements in can benefit your health.


Many of the benefits of celery juice lie in its hydrating properties. When our body isn’t properly hydrated it’s hard to look and feel our best. Celery has a high water content, but also has sodium and potassium. These natural electrolytes allow for better hydration that helps the entire body run more smoothly.

Electrolytes are charged particles that carry electricity through the body. They carry messages to and from the brain, fostering a healthy nervous system. The correct balance of electrolytes allows for good mental health and is essential for helping our muscles function. Electric signals tell the muscles when to relax and contract.

Being dehydrated, or short on electrolytes, causes muscle cramping, spasms and fatigue. Potassium is important for regulating water and also important for muscle function, including the muscles around the heart. Balancing electrolytes is essential for everyone, but especially if you live an active lifestyle.

Even mild dehydration can have adverse effects on mood and physical health so by adding celery juice to your diet you can immediately feel benefits that come from being properly hydrated. This makes celery juice a great drink on it’s own or as a base for other juices or smoothies.

Increase in Energy

Celery is rich in Riboflavin (Vitamin B2). This increase in Vitamin B2 could be why so many people see improvements in their energy level as well as clearer skin. Our body doesn’t store Vitamin B2 so it’s important to get a daily dose of it.

Vitamin B2 affects how our body produces energy and is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It increases blood circulation. Riboflavin helps the health of our hair and nails. A deficiency in riboflavin can even cause bloodshot eyes.

Other sources of Vitamin B2 include:

  • dairy products
  • soybeans
  • fish
  • dark leafy green vegetables
  • seeds

Celery is high in phenolic acid and antioxidants. Being depleted in antioxidants causes a run-down, sickly feeling. One of the antioxidants in celery, quercetin, has anti-inflammatory properties. Quercetin blocks histamines, which can help you recover from minor allergic reactions that cause inflammation or water retention. Increasing levels of quercetin creates a ripple effect that reduces inflammation which can reduce joint pain and boost overall feelings of energy and health.  

Digestive Health


Celery has a high fiber content. Fiber helps you feel full and can help with appetite control. Studies show eating foods high in fiber can even help prevent spikes in your blood sugar. 

Fiber feeds the good bacteria in our gut. Healthy gut microbiota aids in overall health as well as better digestion.

Some of the fiber in celery is lost when you juice it so consider eating celery whole. Celery is an easy, on-the-go snack, or throw it into your salads or soups (including the leaves). You can even add it to a fruit salad for extra texture.

 While a celery juice cleanse might seem like a cure-all, it is important to remember that no one thing will cure everything that ails you. It is important to also add in other, daily, healthy habits. 

While it may be hard for you to juice an entire stalk of celery every morning, you will feel the benefits when you include celery to your diet. If you’re not ready to drink it straight, let us recommend this drink with celery juice as it’s base.

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Thomas DeLauer, one of Lakanto's brand ambassadors, has a helpful video on this very topic that further breaks down the benefits of celery and why it can be beneficial, as well as his own take on the celery juice trend.