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Ben Decker's discovery of the universal language of peace

Ben Decker's discovery of the universal language of peace

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Ben Decker was drawn to the City of Angels. He was also drawn, even as a young boy, to world religion and philosophy. Even before moving to LA, Ben was an original, so trying to fit into the LA mold just didn't work. He was successful, but he wasn't fulfilled.

It took a hard loss for the realization to set in: life shouldn't feel like this.

Ben Decker: The man behind LA's meditation movement.

Meditation is inherent to all of humanity.

Ben spent years studying, traveling, and experiencing the world. His discoveries about humanity solidified his early meditation practice. What started as open-house meditation sessions with friends in his apartment grew into a full life committed to sharing this medium for peace with the masses.

About the time that Ben's work was outgrowing his apartment, several opportunities for non-religious meditation spaces opened up. His friend created a community space in an old Venice church, called Full Circle. The secular meditation studio Unplug was launched. Meditation was taking hold in big ways in LA, and Ben was right in the middle of it.

Finding peace through meditation.

Our lives these days are so fast, so intense. What are you doing to combat the stresses of your day? Maybe meditation seems ineffective, too woo-woo. Well, thanks to research and dialed-in practitioners like Ben Decker, we can prove that meditation is effective at helping to manage the stress and tension that can steal your vitality for life.

Ben recounts many experiences with people who have experienced trauma where just a few minutes of meditation had significant positive effects on their disposition, their outlook, and their stress.

Meditation for beginners.

Tons of resources are available to support meditation for beginners. Ben Decker wrote Practical Meditation for Beginners to support 10 days of discovery of meditation. After a 10 day journey through this book, you'll be familiar with the experience and process of these meditation techniques, and the specific benefits each provides.

Ben also covered off on common meditation questions in this article.

If video is your medium, watch this 8 minute introduction to the importance of meditation and how it may add peace to your life.