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Avoiding Halloween's Dark Side: Toxic Candy
· · · 1 comment

Avoiding Halloween's Dark Side: Toxic Candy

· · · 1 comment

Dressing up and going door-to-door with friends exciting, but let’s face it – if you’re a kid, Halloween is about CANDY!

Halloween is right around the corner, and if your kids are anything like ours, then it’s trick-or-treating time! Halloween’s dark side is not the ghosts and zombies, but its toxic candy. Millions of kids, teens and adults will soon be gorging themselves on candy full of refined sugars, artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives and GMOs. Americans are crazy for candy. The National Retail Federation estimates that USA candy sales will exceed $2.5 billion this season. That’s right, 2.5 BILLION just in Fall of 2014 alone! Halloween should be a time of fun, so we’ve compiled ideas to help your family cut down on sugar and toxic junk food this season.

Prevent Temptations

People are more likely to indulge in sweets and carbohydrates if they’re hungry. Ever go grocery shopping on an empty stomach?
  • Serve a delicious and filling dinner before going trick-or-treating
  • Include a healthy sugar-free dessert to take care of the sweet tooth. Just substitute sugar with LAKANTO in your recipes. It's easy!

Talk to Your Kids

How children feel about sugar and candy now will shape their habits as adults. Help them make positive dietary habits while they’re still young!
  • Agree in advance on what, and how much, your kids may eat
  • Teach them that it’s OK to decline candy when trick-or-treating
  • Educate your kids about the problems with wsugars, artificial colors and GMOs
  • Discuss peer pressure and how to deal with it. If kids see all their friends eating candy, they may feel tempted.

Make it About the Fun

  • Place more emphasis on the fun dressing up, costumes, role playing, games and visiting neighbors.

Candy Management

What to do if your kid comes home with a bag full of candy?
    • Propose they trade the candy for special privileges, such as:
      • A trip to the movies
      • A new book or toy
      • Extra computer time
      • Relief from chores
    • Don’t leave candy available out in the open. Out of sight, out of mouth!

Be Prepared At Your Door

Little ghouls and goblins are probably going to show up at your door, too. Here are some alternatives to sugar-laden Halloween candy.
  • Pre-packaged pumpkin seeds or nuts
  • Gum, without sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Stickers, temporary tattoos, small toys
  • Glow sticks or glow in the dark bracelets
  • Small bottles of water
  • Crayons, stamps and other craft items

What about Adults?

For those of us over trick-or-treating age, be careful at Halloween parties! Alcoholic cocktails, coolers and mixed drinks often have a lot of sugar in them. Try These Autumn Sugar Free Recipes:

Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Sweetened with Lakanto

Baked Spiced Squash

Happy Halloween!