Thomas DeLauer Tells All

Jan 10, 2020 00:00:00AM

To tell someone's transformation story is an honor. The vulnerability to show who you were before you figured out what a healthy, balanced life looks like is massive. And the lasting message that you receive from listening to these stories can promote change and inspire reflection in your own life. Here's the transformation story of Thomas DeLauer.

Balance didn't come easy for Thomas.

Smart and driven, Thomas began building a beautiful family and a big career pretty young—he married his high school sweetheart and began working in corporate management.

But there was one thing he pushed to the side: his own health. Now, he tells the story of his awakening—the heavy mental side to overcoming serious addiction.

Waking up to his unhealthy reality.

Because of his work with healthcare organizations, Thomas had access to lots of smart doctors. They knew him, and noticed some of his physical struggles. As Thomas began to look at his food addiction, he unpacked the many layers of how food addictions happen, what they do to both your body and mind, and how intertwined eating habits are with nearly every decision of the day.

Thomas' simple advice for how to break food addiction.

If you watched his transformation story, you probably latched on to his request for seven days...

Cutting out sugar and processed foods for a week—7 days of paying attention to what happens in your body when you remove those toxic foods and ingredients. He's real about the fact that it isn't easy, but he's certain it's doable for everyone.

Thomas broke his unhealthy habits. He addressed his food addiction head on and began to listen to his body. And the success and physical gains he's achieved from that commitment speak volumes.

Need weekly inspiration to start your 7 Day Challenge? Want to get some more science behind the recommendations? Head over to Thomas DeLauer's YouTube channel... it's got everything you need.

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