Eat What You Want without the Sugar – How to Lose Weight Naturally

Dec 13, 2021 12:46:47PM

If you’re like over half of women in the US, weight loss is probably one of your goals. With obesity, overweight, sugar consumption, and disease on the rise, losing unwanted pounds and maintaining a healthy weight is more important than ever before. While each person and body are different, there’s one universal truth that contributes to excess weight gain – we, as a society, eat too much sugar. By ridding your diet of processed sugars and replacing them with healthier options, you can lose weight naturally and maintain optimum health.

You Are What You Eat

In a literal way, the food you eat breaks down into the building blocks that your body uses for every function of life. The foods you choose to nourish yourself with impact your energy, mood, organ function, gut health, disease risk, and yes, your weight. By choosing more healthful foods and giving up sugar, you set yourself up for success in more ways than one.

The Sugar Sabotage

Sugar consumption and the resulting obesity are one of the major epidemics of our time. Sugar is full of empty calories, causes a variety of health problems, and sneaks up on you in unexpected ways. Sugar-heavy foods are calorically dense without providing necessary nutrients.

At the end of the day, weight loss is not about counting calories, it’s about eliminating the sugary excess from your diet in order to make way for more nutritious foods. Once you do this, weight loss naturally follows.

Benefits of Losing Weight

Just like eating less sugar and losing weight go hand in hand, their benefits also overlap. Benefits of losing weight include reduced joint pain, better sleep, lower risk for heart disease, lower blood pressure, improved mobility, better mood, increased self-esteem, and many, many more. By losing just 5-10 lbs you can improve your health by lowering your risk for disease, improving your mental health, reducing strain on your heart, and improving cholesterol levels.  

Losing extra pounds and maintaining a healthy weight is an important way to optimize your health and increase your longevity and quality of life.

Tips for Successfully Ditching the Sugar and Losing Weight Naturally

Picture this – each day, when you get hungry, you choose from a selection of healthy, fresh, nourishing foods that make you feel great. You naturally shed any unwanted pounds, and you eat until you feel satisfied. Rather than diets that take over your life, you eat intuitively and freely, reaping the physical and mental benefits of eating whole foods that aren’t laden in processed sugar.

Does this sound like the lifestyle you crave? Kick your sugar habit and eat mindfully, knowing you’re avoiding the number one culprit for weight gain. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Find an excellent sugar replacement to use when cooking or baking
  • Come up with a delicious drink substitution to keep yourself hydrated (think herbal teas, black coffee with oat milk, or sugar-free flavors to add to your water)  
  • Get rid of all the sugary foods in your home to eliminate temptation
  • Meal prep or plan out a sugar-free diet menu for the week or month
  • Read labels when you buy packaged foods to avoid sneaky sugars
  • Try simple swaps and delicious recipes to keep from eating unhealthy sugars while feeling satisfied, full, and occasionally indulgent

By cutting out the sugar in your diet, you can lose weight without counting calories or restricting yourself from foods you love. Foods without sugar contain fewer calories and more essential nutrients, allowing your body to reach its healthiest and happiest state.

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