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Jan 08, 2024 16:29:28PM

Hey Lakanto Family, Crosby Tailor here! 


I’m a fitness influencer, healthy dessert chef and creator of Crosby’s Baking Co. - a better for you baked goods company that is free of the usual inflammatory ingredients, and full of the ones that nourish you.  

I have a deep passion for health along with an unstoppable sweet tooth. I wasn’t content with the dessert landscape, so I felt it was time to take matters into my own hands. At that exact moment, I came across a bag of Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener in a local health food store. I began experimenting with Lakanto in all my gluten free, grain free and refined sugar free baking. Thus, Crosby’s Baking Co. was born and the rest is history!  

Lakanto and I have some amazing things in the works, and we want to start by kicking off 2024 strong! Without further ado, welcome to my 8 Healthy Habits for the new year! 

My lifestyle is centered around the goal of feeling my very best. I am keenly aware of my physical, mental and emotional health. I strive daily to improve these areas of my life because it makes me feel my best. I’m hoping to bring this same motivation to you throughout the next two months. 

My 8 Healthy Habits will cover everything from proper nutrition, fitness routines, cheat days, bringing more “play” into your life, deep sleep tactics and the importance of self-care. 

It’s smart to understand exactly what you want by prioritizing and recording your goals. This will help your brain create a laser focus on how you want this next year to go. So, my first healthy habit is Goal Setting!  

Here is a great tip: After you write down your goals, recite each goal by saying “I’m in the process of..” 

Your mind is a powerful thing and you have to start training it to believe that you are already in the process of having these things in your life. You can even get creative and turn it into a manifestation list or mood board. It’s all mindset! Have fun with it!  


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