Should a Natural Sugar Substitute Replace Your Current One?

Jan 07, 2016 00:00:00AM

Have you become concerned about your current sugar substitute after hearing of some of the potential side effects? That’s understandable, as research has found possible problems with popular ones that have become controversial over time, such as aspartame. But that doesn’t mean you have no options if you're trying to cut back on sugar!

Monk fruit is a healthy, natural sugar substitute.

Discover the health benefits of a new natural sugar substitute: monk fruit. Once you know how its nutrients could benefit your body, you just might decide to switch.

About Monk Fruit

Monk fruit, or luo han guo, sweetener might be new to the field of sugar substitutes in the United States, it has long been in use in China and is still only grown there. There, people have reportedly used it for a thousand or more years for medicinal uses. Some sugar substitutes are artificial, but this type is natural, extracted from the fruit. The extract provides a sweetness that is hundreds of times stronger than the sweetness in real sugar, so it could give foods and beverages a satisfying sweetness without using much.

Health benefits of monk fruit.

While other sugar substitutes could potentially harm your health, monk fruit could actually boost it. This sweetener is made from a fruit and is associated with numerous health benefits. Granted, it has not been seriously studied as much as other sugar substitutes, but bad side effects have not been reported from using it. This sweetener contains plenty of antioxidants, which help your body fight free radicals that are associated with cancer and other diseases. One of its antioxidants is vitamin C, which is well-known for aiding the immune system.

Monk Fruit was used in China over the centuries as a method of dealing with diabetes, obesity, phlegm and sore throats. It is also associated with helping fever, allergies and heart health, as well as warding off signs of aging, although more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness for various purported benefits. Nonetheless, some of its benefits are now backed by science. A July 2011 study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that the antioxidants in monk fruit can block inflammation, which could help reduce related diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

So if you prefer to use a substitute over cane sugar, consider using this natural sugar substitute that may boost your health over one of the controversial alternatives.

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Do you have a conversion chart that show how to substitue Lakanto products for the other sugar products?

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