Three Common Hurdles to Weight Loss

Mar 10, 2016 00:00:00AM

Three Common Hurdles to Weight Loss

Recently while perusing a recent copy of a popular business journal, I ran across a great article by Erin Brodwin on some hurdles we all come across in our journey to become our healthiest selves.

We all take great care in making the best choices so that we can have better health and wellness, such as eliminating processed foods, lowering our sugar intake by using great natural sweeteners, drinking more water, and getting more rest.

An exercise scientist with the Fitness Institute of Texas shared 3 common hurdles we should be mindful of when it comes to really making lasting changes to lose those extra pounds:

1.We spend too much time sitting.

Much of the food available to us is calorie-rich with sugar and fat and we collectively spend more time in sedentary roles - working in offices and behind desks and driving to and from work and other events. We have a greater chance of ingesting more calories than we actively burn each day. It is absolutely imperative that we take the time to move more throughout our day. Getting up, standing and shifting our bodies can greatly help burn some of those sneaky calories and help us also shift our moods into a more positive mindset. Plus, regular movement combined with adding in regular workout routines can help give you the boost your body needs to burn those extra little calories.


2.We generally are really bad at remembering how much we’ve eaten and how much exercise we’ve done.

According to research by the Mayo clinic and a few other sources, we tend to give ourselves more credit for our physical activity and not enough credit to what we’ve actually consumed. I know that I have been guilty of this myself and it is really good to be mindful of this when trying to get those last few pounds off.

Take coffee for example - alone, it is a low calorie food. Add in the sugar and cream however, you are looking at quite the caloric jump. What is great about having an alternative like Lakanto or other healthy flavoring alternatives is that we can better keep our intake under control and not have the horrible side effects that come from too much sugar for our bodies to process.

3.Portion sizes are typically WAY out of proportion.

Serving sizes have dramatically increased and what can seem like a single serving is quite deceptive. If you’re trying to lose weight, portion control can be imperative to your success. There is a great pocket size portion chart that WebMD has made to help. You can find that here. According to the article, “Think of this the time you're out to eat. If you get a bowl of pasta, consider taking half to-go. If you're eating family-style, start by covering half your plate in salad greens.”, which is solid advice. Also finding great alternative recipes, like in our free cookbook, and other resources to to help control your portion size can help your day to day meal planning for success.

We are all on this adventure to optimal health together. As with any obstacles, it is great to have support in place to help in your success. Thank you for allowing us to be a partner in your journey to wellness.

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