Royal Flood Icing for Cookies and Cakes

Mar 29, 2021 19:00:00PM

Homemade icing shows you've got serious baking game. After you've meticulously cut cookies into thematic shapes or letters to spell your favorite person's name, then baked them perfectly to be level and crisp, you're ready to move on to the defining element: royal icing, or flood icing.

As our product developers worked on this in our test kitchen, they tried several of our monk fruit sweeteners and products. Starting from a high-sugar recipe that also called for common allergen ingredients, they brought in healthier ingredients, like ones you'll find in many of our other products or recipes. In the end, they created two recipes for a decorative icing:

  1. Sugar-free Royal Icing Recipe with Lakanto Powdered Sweetener a more classic recipe,
  2. And the Sugar-free Maple Flood Icing with Lakanto Powdered Sweetener other has a maple flavor, which paired really well with our sugar-free sugar cookies. 

Royal Icing with Lakanto Sugar-Free Cookies

A few quick tips for great cookie cut-outs:

  • dough should be firm but not sticky. Consider using less coconut oil than called for or add coconut flour to dough to absorb excess oil
  • when rolling the dough, use 2 stacked paint stirring sticks on the sides of your dough to elevate the rolling pin by a 1/4 inch. It creates an even layer of rolled dough
  • freeze your cut cookies for 10 minutes in the freezer on a lined sheet for better baking
  • after baking, let your cookies rest for at least an hour before icing. They'll be firmer and easier to frost

Quick tips for great frosting:

  • if the icing is too thick or not spreading like "flood" icing, add almond milk in small amounts until desired consistency is reached
  • the icing might have a tendency to pile up- to help the icing lay flat, try tapping the cookie edges gently until the icing moves

Royal Icing Decorative Tips

Ok, so before we move on... have you tried our Sugar-free Cookie Mix yet? That's the cookie base we used as we developed these icing recipes... it rolled out great in coconut flour, cut really well with the cookie cutters, and baked to a perfect, level, crisp canvas for our icing trials! You gotta try this mix!

Royal Icing Recipe

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I made this icing white to put on my ghost cookies. the next day the icing didn’t look so hot. like the white is discolored in some parts. Is there a way to combat this issue?


I wish someone would answer if this sets hard like regular royal icing…. There’s no egg whites or meringue powder… I’m not gonna chance it/waste my ingredients…

K Troyan

Does this icing set hard or soft?


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