Keto Garlic Cheese Biscuits

Nov 04, 2020 23:54:23PM

OMGeeee.... yes please, pass the garlic cheese biscuits that are keto-friendly. How'd we do it? This recipe using our newly reformulated Pancake & Baking Mix! It's a pancake mix that meets all-purpose baking mix. Who doesn't love a 2-fer?

Speaking of 2-fer... one biscuit is actually less than 2 net carbs. #winning

There's just nothing that goes with shrimp or saucy dishes like a biscuit dripping in cheese and garlic. Nothing.

Quit watching, start mixing...these are best hot out of the oven. Enjoy a beloved biscuit without any guilt guys!!

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I really wanted to like these but they turned out incredibly sweet from the mix. The texture wasn’t bad, I’m going to try blueberry scones


For the people on keto that miss carbs, these are great! They are basically a keto friendly biscuit like the ones from red lobster. 10/10

Heaven Jones

I am interested in KetoDiet

Sandy Jakob

I am interested in all keto receipe

Sandy Jakob

Can I use skim milk instead of heavy cream? If so how much?


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