keto fudgesicle

Jul 14, 2020 17:07:00PM

A fudgesicle may be the perfect classic treat for every time of year. It’s creamy, it’s chocolatey, it’s everything you’ve dreamed of and it is actually keto!

Ingredients for Sugar-free Keto Fudgesicles

Sugar-free Keto Fudgesicles

Blend and freeze into 7 individual popsicle molds (8 if you throw in that banana) for 8 hours (or until solid). Enjoy!

Sugar-free Keto Fudgesicles

Flavor & Ingredient Options

Add a banana for a more even texture. This will add another flavor element but will pay off if you are a banana fan...expect if you're eating keto, you know adding banana is not your best plan;)

Sugar-free Keto Fudgesicles

If coconut isn't your thing, feel free to use a plain yogurt that has been thinned out with a liquid of your choice (avoid acid). You may need to add more Liquid Monkfruit Extract drops or Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup to counter the tartness of the yogurt.

Nutritional Information for Lakanto Keto Fudgesicles

Lakanto Keto Fudgesicle Nutritional Information - Lakanto Recipes

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Please explain how the Keto Fudgesicle got to be 3 net carbs. The nutritional info reads 7 total carbs, 0 fiber, 1 sugar n 2 sugar alcohols…how does that make it 3 net carbs?


How did you determine it is 3 net carbs?
My calculations are 5 net carbs.
Thank you.

Brenda Reed

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