3 Keto Pie Recipes to Celebrate Pi Day

Mar 14, 2022 09:22:22AM

Sugar-Free Chocolate French Silk Pie 

It's possible to have your chocolate pie and live a sugar-free life! Try this decadent chocolate pie recipe that is sugar-free using our Monkfruit Sweetener. 

Keto Key Lime Pie 

This Key Lime Pie recipe is tart, sweet, and creamy! It's easy to make and doesn't require baking, just a few hours to set in the refrigerator until firm. 

The magic to this sugar-free, low-carb pie is in the monk fruit sweeteners Lakanto Powdered Sweetener in the filling and Lakanto Classic Sweetener in the no-bake, gluten-free crust. Once ready to serve, garnish with whipped topping and key lime slices to your liking.


SUGAR-FREE KEY LIME PIE using lakanto's powdered sugar


Fruit Galette (Sugar-free, grain-free, dairy-free) 

We love a Galette for so many reasons. It’s like a noncommittal pie, because you can just keep having little slivers throughout the day. Galettes are just as beautiful to look at when half eaten and Galettes are an absolutely acceptable thing to eat for breakfast


Let us know if you make any of these recipes and how they turned out! 

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I would like you to make maple sugar substitute. Perhaps you have?

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