Blow Torch Your Fat with Ketogenic Diet!

Mar 09, 2017 00:00:00AM

As we said in our last newsletter, calorie counting is dead and does not work long term. New research shows that obesity is caused by a hormone imbalance based on insulin sensitivity and resistance. The goal is to find a diet that balances your hormones and your insulin sensitivity.


The Keto diet is fat’s worst enemy yet! Here is the scoop—your body is either going to burn glucose or it is going to burn fat. We want to burn fat, right? In order to turn your body into a fat burning machine, you will need to learn some new proven principles.


You have heard this before—eat fat to burn fat, but you may not have believed or understood it. The science is that if we eat a diet higher in good fats and low in carbs, sugars, and even proteins (we will talk about this later), our body will start to burn fat instead of glucose. And when we train the body to burn fat through what we eat, the old paradigm of calorie counting and frustrating, fruitless exercise becomes a distant memory.

Ok let’s get down to business…


When you eat products high in sugar and carbs, your body produces glucose. Your body will always use glucose first to convert and use as energy. Also, many people do not know that there are many proteins that will spike your blood sugar and cause an increase of insulin. There are actually only 2 proteins or amino acids that do not spike blood sugar and increase insulin.

So when you eat more carbs, sugars, and proteins than your body can use, your system will convert all the excess glucose directly into fat. Insulin is the key hormone that is activated and elevated when we eat an excess of carbs, sugars and proteins, and is the #1 culprit that turns the glucose into unwanted fat. The key is to eat a diet that lowers the production of insulin. When we lower our insulin, our bodies can go into a state of ketosis to become a fat burning machine.

In our next newsletter, we will go more in-depth into ketosis and the fat-burning ketogenic diet. We will also talk a little bit about the breakthrough research that is coming out about…wait for it… fasting??


Ready to Get Started? 

Check out this helpful list of low carb, keto foods from Maya of Wholesome Yum!

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