The JingSlingers: Food With Benefits


Joy and Jay are JingMaster Alchemical Culinary Artisans and are members of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. Their mission is to Educ8te, Illumin8te, and Elev8te humankind with SuperFood and SuperHerb infused Creatively Clever Comfort Foods and cutting-edge eco-green lifestyle advantages.

Joy and Jay are Tonic Herbalists, SuperFood Specialists and have a combined 30+ years of conjuring up culinary magic. Together they customize optimum health protocols and menus for their star-studded clientele that grace the Red Carpet from the Oscars to the Grammys.

PureGreenJoy is a 20-year veteran police officer, a certified green consultant, and has nourished thousands of happy bodies with organic, cleverly youth-boosting creations that feed all of your senses.

JingMaster Jay has crafted over 50,000 customized SuperFood Smoothies, Ice Cream "JingLatos" and Herbal Elixirs over the last decade at tonic bars and optimum health conferences, traveling as far as Tokyo, Japan to work as a consultant.

The JingSlingers are known for their tagline "Everyone is Welcome at Our Table" because they show you how to turn regular food into SuperHero Food, whether you are Vegan, Paleo, or Omnivore. Their Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free SuperFood Cookbook, "Food With Benefits" is an # 1 Best Seller.


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