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My name is Craig Preisendorf. I live and work in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a goal to help 1 million people get healthy. I started this site to empower people to research, share, and critically rethink everything they’ve been taught to believe is true about health and fitness.

I hope people can take full enjoyment of their lives by taking the time to examine their beliefs around nutrition, health, and fitness and take action in order to re-create their life’s story.

In my past life I was a U.S. Marine and amateur bodybuilder. After serving a tour in Iraq, I started working with amputees and veterans as a fitness trainer. Soon after I began training under the first Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott, envying his mountainous biceps and rock hard abs (even at age 80!), and exploring the world of bodybuilding.

After a few amateur bodybuilding competitions and self-experimentation, I mentored as an ambassador under the 2nd place bodybuilder in the World (placing in the Arnold Classic), Ben Pakulski.

As time passed I found my passion was performance nutrition for mixed martial artists (MMA), UFC fighters, and other athletes such as power lifters. I educated myself through research, critical thinking, and attending numerous seminars with scientists, doctors, and other professionals, including the King of Keto Research, Dr. Jacob Wilson.

I co-founded Fitcon, a fitness conference and expo, in my home state in order to unify, educate, and inspire people to live their healthiest lives. Through Fitcon, tens of thousands of people were educated and entertained by the same researchers and trainers that had helped me re-think nutrition and fitness. Best of all, people were able to sharpen their skills and unite with others through physical competitions.

I continue to research, teach, and explore how I can help others live life to the fullest every day through optimal health.

-The Superhero Maker

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