Jessica & Tristan Haggard

Jessica and Tristan fell in love in 2008, moved to a small village in
Southern Ecuador in 2010, had their first child in 2012 and their second was born
in 2016.

They are driven by a passion for organic, sustainable living, family, and
community. Together their journey is about optimizing health, fitness, and
longevity while maximizing the quality of life for the family. Tristan and Jessica each
pursue their individual paths, yet are united in the goal to consciously spread
love, joy, and health in the world.

A low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet is a powerful tool for both of them as
they improve their well-being and connection to life within and around them. The
anti-inflammatory effects of a ketogenic diet have profoundly benefited recovery
and healing from structural imbalances and past injuries. Jessica’s use of an
organic ketogenic whole foods diet helped her second pregnancy and
subsequent breastfeeding flow incredibly smoothly.

Their experiences, positive and profound, led them to the project called
Primal Edge Health where they engage with a beautiful community of like-
minded individuals inspire success by working intimately with clients, and
continue to share their own evolution as they explore this amazing mystery called
life and push towards an even more incredible and meaningful future for their

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