Gillian Brown

I first discovered I had a Candida overgrowth in 2013, a realization that turned my life upside down. I tried the ‘seek and kill’ approach with restrictive diets and antifungal herbs in an effort to find balance in my body many times. Unfortunately, my well-meaning efforts ended up causing more harm than good. I was in such a hurry to get better and resume my normal life and diet, that I was perhaps a bit extreme.

It was such a BIG adjustment dropping all sugar and fruit because I was a vegan at the time and my food options were already so limited.

The intense restriction and healing reactions of the common Candida protocols were very hard on my body and shut me down for days at a time. I was so depleted. After putting myself through torture time and time again, I realized I needed to soften my approach.

I discovered Lakanto in reading the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. This book helped me in so many ways!

I can’t tell you how happy I was when I first got my hands on a bag of Lakanto and began experimenting. Ah, the simple things, it brought back so much joy into my life!

I’ve continued to use Lakanto because, while I do enjoy some fruit now, I am committed to a sugar-free lifestyle for LIFE. I’ve seen what havoc sugar can do to our bodies and minds and I know that there are much healthier options. I’m constantly introducing my clients, friends and loved ones to this miracle sweeter. Making treats with Lakanto and bringing them to parties has helped me feel more human but also helped others realize that there are sugar substitutes that actually taste good and as a bonus are good for you! Even the food biggest critic, my Dad, has enjoyed sugar-free treats!

Thank you Lakanto for bringing the sweetness back into my life!

Gillian B’s 10 week, transformational online video course will finally turn your good intentions into lasting results! The difference with this program is it’s holistic approach to a healthy balanced life including not just food or exercise but mind, body and soul. This incredible interactive resources cuts through the confusion and helps you to find clarity around food, movement and mindset.

This comprehensive program includes grocery lists, meal plans, more than a dozen detailed tutorial videos, downloadable workbooks, recipes, cheatsheets and much more!

Here is a little overview of the 10 lessons:

1) Healthy Eating: In this lesson we dive into what foods to eat, what not to eat and why! We talk about how to detox your kitchen cupboards and stock them with wholesome foods to set yourself up for success.

2) Food Prep: In this lesson we discuss how to plan, shop and cook so there is always healthy food around when hunger strikes. Learning how to cook for yourself is so empowering!

3) Healing Foods: One of my favourite topics. Here we talk about food with superpowers, otherwise known as superfoods.

4) Digestion: We all want know how much the state of your tummy impacts your mood. This lesson explains the importance of mindful eating habits for optimal health and will leave you with lots of practical tips that you can incorporate everyday into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5) Natural Self Care: Once you learn what is in our body care products, you will never go back! In this lesson, I lay out my personal self-care practices and show you how to make your own body care products at home.

6) Green Living: This lesson covers the importance of living in alignment with nature. We uncover simple tips and tricks to reduce exposure to as many chemicals in the home and environment as possible. They add up quickly!

7) Movement: With all the different types out there, how do you know which exercise is right for you? I will share some tips to help you find your niche in world of movement and there’s a fun bodyweight workout with modifications for all levels so you can follow along at home and get started today!

8) Yoga: Get ready to stretch! In this lesson I guide one of my favourite beginners yoga sequences. It’s perfect to add into your daily routine and unwind from a busy day at work.

9) Mindful Mornings: What we do in the morning sets the tone for our entire day. In this lesson, I share my personal morning routine and teach you about daily practices that will help you with achieve optimal wellness.

10) Stress-Less: Stress is one of North America’s top killers, so we can all benefit from integrating more stress management techniques. This lesson includes all my favourite ways to reduce the burden on the body and mind, relax and let go.


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