Grain-Free Galette (nut, dairy, & sugar-free)

Sep 22, 2020 15:58:17PM

I love a Galette for so many reasons. It’s like a noncommittal pie, because you can just keep having little slivers throughout the day, and don’t need a bowl and spoon to do so. Galettes are just as beautiful to look at when half eaten (the same cannot be said for pie) and Galettes are an absolutely acceptable thing to eat for breakfast. It can be savory or sweet and has a truly perfect crust-to-filling ratio.

To make a savory galette, simply ignore the filling ingredients except the egg white wash for the crust browning (the amount of Lakanto sweetener in the crust does not make the crust sweet, it just balances the flavors) and fill with pesto, goat cheese, heirloom tomatoes, herbs, etc. and follow the same instructions for baking time and temperature.




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      Cant have cassava flour, are there other options as a substitute for the Galette? Low carb and gluten free
      Would I be able to use gf Jules gf AP flour in place of cassava?
      Thank you!


      I live in Long Beach. I have been spreading the word and giving people your web site so they can try this. My family does not buy sugar anymore. Only monk fruit. And we all lost weight. And feel so much healthier. Than ever before.

      Marguerite Gastelum

      I found out I was diabetic just last year January 9 2021 so it has been a year. And stumbled on to your web site around February mande made my first sugar free cake and cookies for my grandkids. And family. Also good for kids no tooth decay. I love everything you make so far good to get the hot chocolate. It’s a must for the winter and anytime.🥰Keep making miracles. My Mother would have lived longer. If this was available.

      Marguerite Gastelum

      Has any tried this with something other than cassava flour for the crust?

      Sharan Zirges

      I continue to be the Portland Oregon’s Lakanto Ambassador…spreading the love and word about this awesome company’s products!!!
      Lananto, you have changed sooooo many peoples lives for the better!
      P.S. I’m hoping that you will consider my request to make a monk fruit marshmallow🤷‍♂️
      Now…let’s go out and conquer the day!
      All the best,
      Ambassador Steven

      Steven Mayo

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