Lakanto Expands Monk Fruit Sweetener Line with New Allulose Blend, Empowering Consumers with More Choice

Oct 23, 2023 16:56:02PM

OREM, Utah, Oct. 23, 2023 — Lakanto, a trusted name in the world of healthy, natural, sugar-free products, is excited to introduce the latest addition to its Monk Fruit sweetener family. The Monkfruit Sweetener with Allulose offers a harmonious combination of Monk Fruit’s natural sweetness and the unique properties of allulose, providing consumers with more choice in natural alternatives to sugar.

Lakanto has long been committed to offering sugar alternatives that cater to diverse tastes, lifestyles, and dietary needs, this new blend is no exception. Monkfruit Sweetener with Allulose offers a fusion of sweetness and more choice. Just as many of Lakanto’s Monk Fruit sweeteners are formulated with Erythritol, the brand is adding the allulose option for customers who prefer it.

All of Lakanto’s sweetener ingredients come from natural sources, do not affect blood glucose, and contribute no calories nor net carbs. While allulose is only about 70% as sweet as sugar, it is a perfect blend with Monk Fruit which is about 300 times as sweet as sugar. Being a monosaccharide like sugar, allulose can mimic some of its qualities, such as the ability to caramelize under heat. Allulose is not a sugar alcohol and is another safe and natural sweetener that blends beautifully with Monk Fruit. Allulose has also demonstrated prebiotic characteristics, which may prove to be another unique benefit.

As part of the Monkfruit Sweetener with Allulose launch, Lakanto has also released All About Allulose, an educational guide encouraging consumers to become more acquainted with the natural ingredient. It is rich with background and tips including:

• Allulose vs. Sugar
• The Science Behind Allulose
• Functional Benefits of Allulose
• Cooking with Allulose
• Allulose Myth Busting
• And More

Visitors can discover All About Allulose at:

“Science and safety are at the forefront of our sweetener innovation,” said Josh Yamamoto, VP of Marketing and Creative at Lakanto. “Our own research and hundreds of other studies have validated the safety of all the ingredients used in our sweetener products. We rely on the large body of evidence and ongoing sweetener research to ensure that all the ingredients we use are natural and safe as we continue to innovate and deliver options to address individual taste, texture and usage preferences.”

Monkfruit Sweetener with Allulose joins Lakanto’s existing monk fruit sweetener family, each designed to cater to personal choice, as well as specific dietary and culinary needs:

NEW! Monkfruit Sweetener with Allulose:
Many similar characteristics of sugar (sucrose), prebiotic characteristics
NEW! Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener with Allulose – Raw Cane Sugar Replacement:
Adds a rich, golden touch to your recipes, prebiotic characteristics
Classic Monk Fruit Sweetener – White Sugar Replacement:
A versatile choice for everyday use
Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener – Raw Cane Sugar Replacement:
Adds a rich, golden touch to your recipes
Powdered Monk Fruit Sweetener – Powdered Sugar Replacement:
An essential pantry item, with a familiar powdery texture
Brown Monk Fruit Sweetener – Brown Sugar Replacement:
Adds depth to your recipes
Organic Classic Monk Fruit Sweetener – White Sugar Replacement:
For those seeking organic options
Baking Monk Fruit Sweetener – Baking Sugar Replacement:
Perfect for baking enthusiasts, this blend includes Erythritol, tapioca fiber and chicory root inulin for an ideal baking experience, while adding prebiotics to the mix
Original and Vanilla Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener Extract Drops:
Pure and convenient, perfect for adding sweetness to your beverages and recipes

"We understand that people have diverse dietary needs, wellness paths, and taste preferences. This new blend embodies our mission to elevate everyday choices and offer more natural alternatives to sugar and synthetic sweeteners.”

For more information on Monkfruit Sweetener with Allulose, or the full Lakanto natural sweetener line, visit:

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