Suntella Recipe Round-Up

May 19, 2020 01:00:00AM's one of the most coveted products in the Lakanto original line-up. Now, after nearly a year in reformulation to focus on improving the consistency and spreadability, it's back in stock. To celebrate, we rounded up a handful of our favorite Suntella recipes posted across some of the best keto, whole foods, and health-centric blogs.

Spread the word: Suntella is back!

You can spread it on anything, sure—but don't stop there. That's such a limited perspective of what Suntella can do. The rich, nutty, chocolatey spread is also totally spoonable... ready to all that goodness to your chaffle or waffle mix, your favorite baked treats, silky shakes, and bowls.

Waffles with Suntella

Waffles with Suntella chocolate keto waffle recipe from Bohemian by the Bay.

Taking your waffle game to the next level is easy with Suntella. And your chaffles—well, Suntella ticks all the boxes to give you the sugar-free, super low-carb additive to add the chocolate and nut (ok, sunflowers are a seed, but the flavor is still nutty) components that make chaffles top notch.

Try this chocolate keto waffle recipe from Bohemian by the Bay.

Strawberries to top your chaffles or waffles is a great way to add some fiber and texture. Take your strawberries the extra mile, while you have your Suntella out, by making Suntella Dipped Strawberries, like our friend Pound Dropper does.

Suntella in baked goods

Our sunflower butter chocolate spread is a creamy addition to bars, cupcakes, muffins, and even full-fledged cakes. Here's a few recipes you'll enjoy when you're feeling that creative urge in the kitchen.

Raw “Suntella” Chocolate Layer Bars

Raw desserts your thing? Check out Dani's Healthy Eats bar recipe using Suntella. The recipe is called Raw Suntella Chocolate Layer Bars. With ingredients like cashew butter and coconut, they give us all the right feels.

Low-carb Chocolate Cupcakes Suntella Lakanto

Our pal Megan Seelinger is a fan of mixing nutty flavors, so if you're wondering if the sunflower flavor of Suntella is going to leave you wanting, try cupcake recipe. Low-carb Chocolate Cupcakes using this deluxe mix of ingredients will deliver a cupcake with depth of flavor.

A duo named 2 Krazy Ketos have a fantastic keto cheesecake recipe that uses Suntella as the drizzle over top. You can try their Chocolate Toffee Cheesecake recipe, or simple pull our your favorite and play with Suntella as a beautiful finishing, flavorful topper.

Simple Suntella Recipes

Often, we just need some inspiration for a better breakfast, or a quick recipe with few ingredients. The ones below offer a few new things to try, even when you're not feeling motivated to put on a culinary show.

Snack on a different hummus flavor, with SuperFitBabe's Chocolate Peanut Butter Hummus recipe

Stock up on Suntella while you can.

Our version of a chocolate spread is sugar-free (sweetened with monk fruit), perfect for low-carb and ketogenic lifestyles, a great replacement for the high-sugar, store bought version with hazelnuts.

You'll love the smooth flavor the sunflower seeds bring to Lakanto Suntella—stock up before we run out! This product has always been a huge hit and we don't want you to miss out.

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