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keto lemonade and southern sweet tea

keto lemonade and southern sweet tea


There's 3 big choices in life: sweet tea, lemonade, or half & half.

Ok, so that's simplifying humanity—just a bit. But seriously, it is an age-old debate of what the best drink of the 3 options are.

Knowing the South really well (hometown: Savannah, GA), the commitment to sweet tea as THE beverage of choice is pretty high. It all depends on who you're talking to though:

  • a 5 year old is going to most likely say lemonade (after all, they pitch street stands to sell the stuff for a quarter)
  • the majority of those 40 and over are going to say sweet tea (because they just got raised a certain way), 
  • and then the millennials...they're most likely you're majority of half & half voters (equality for both drinks, and an innate need to be different and promote the one with most flexibility).

But what do you choose when you've gone sugar-free?

Both sweet tea (hello, the name) and lemonade are high-sugar drinks when made with original recipes. Maybe you've been using unsweet tea to cut the sweetness of your traditional lemonade. Maybe you've been choking down fresh brewed tea or fresh squeezed lemonade with a packet of stevia or sucralose to sweeten it... smiling to hide the pain of losing the beloved flavor of your chosen drink. Yuck, don't diss the classics like that! Plus, you deserve better;)

Starting today, we drink monk fruit lemonade and/or sweet tea...

First off, monk fruit is going to give you the real taste of sugar like absolutely nothing else. Don't take our word—read through any of the reviews you find for Lakanto Monkfruit Sweeteners.

Secondly, we make recipes with cool people who know how to use our monk fruit sweeteners really well. And it just so happens that stars aligned in time for summer to be reclaimed with Keto Lemonade and Sugar-free Sweet Tea, thanks to some of our favorite collaborators...

Keto Lemonade from Flav City with Bobby Parrish

keto lemonade sugar free

Enough of the talkin'... watch this video for an amazing and fresh Keto Lemonade recipe. You'll make a simple syrup with Lakanto Classic, and if you want a little fancy or you're just a fan of muddling, grab some blueberries or mint when you're loading up with lemons.

Find Bobby Parish's lemonade recipe on is blog, or watch his Youtube video below:

Southern Sweet Tea from Koya Webb

Yep, the South has deep roots. Whether you grew up somewhere in the South or just spent some time there over the years, you know what we're sayin'...

Koya Webb has those Southern roots, and as such, she needed a true Southern Sweet Tea recipe to get those back-home vibes, but without the sugar that she knows doesn't serve her body well.

"Sweet tea is so ingrained in Southern culture that by some, it’s regarded as 'the house wine of the South'. As a southern girl at heart living my best holistic life, I’ve found a way to enjoy this velvety pleasantry without the unhealthy levels of refined sugar."

Find Koya's recipe on Instagram. She makes it hot and cold - try it both ways!