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9 of the Most Uplifting COVID-19 Stories on the Internet This Week

9 of the Most Uplifting COVID-19 Stories on the Internet This Week


It seems like every time you turn around, the next news outlet dishes up more doom about old 'Rona (our in-house term for the coronavirus, or COVID-19). All of that fear and anxiety doesn’t do our immune systems any favors. Instead of feeling uneasy all the time, let’s take a few minutes to look for the positives that COVID-19 has brought to our lives.

Here are nine of the most uplifting coronavirus stories that we’ve come across this week.

9 of the Most Uplifting COVID-19 Stories on the Internet This Week

People singing everywhere.

World-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli performs a breathtaking concert live on Easter: Music for Hope: Live From Duomo di Milano. Bocelli’s breathtaking music was accompanied by stunning aerial views of famous places around the world, capturing both the unease of eerily peaceful streets and hope of renewal to come. 

Promising medical solutions.

Experimental drug that interferes with the virus’ ability to replicate shows promise in severe COVID-19 patients. The road to approval is a long one, but remdesivir got a head start with ebola epidemic research.

Props for those on the front lines.

San Diego celebrates healthcare workers every night at 8:00 pm. Atlanta does the same, at shift change. Whether your neighborhood honks for healthcare or you send a quick voicemail, be sure to thank a healthcare worker today.

People of all ages going digital.

Gram-gram is loving FaceTime. 'Nough said... all the vibes right there.

Peak dates to look forward to.

Active cases peak dates established, which could signal the start of returning to normal. We’re likely to see a bit of ebb and flow in the coming weeks, but identifying a peak helps researchers predict patterns. 

Positive change in the environment.

Restricting boats and resident travel seems to have cleared typically murky canals in Venice.

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the Earth’s seismic activity. Our vehicles create a subtle vibration, and since stay at home orders have been in place, geologists and seismologists have noticed a 30-50% decrease in vibration. Does that mean fewer earthquakes? It’s too early to tell, but it does mean that people are generally following the shelter-in-place rules. 

People thriving with remote work.

The big shift to remote work has prompted researchers to study work-from-home habits, and they found that remote workers work up to three weeks more productivity per year than their office-bound counterparts. It’s likely that productivity is even higher than that when kids are allowed to go to school. Time for a widespread paradigm shift? 

COVID-19 is everywhere. And that’s good news

Here’s another that’s not from a headline:

We have never had this kind of screeching halt to our everyday lives before, and if we’re lucky, we may never again. Hitting the brakes on everyday life like we all have gives us a chance to step back and evaluate the way we’ve been living. Once the mandates are lifted, once the doors open to businesses, will we choose to live our lives as busy and jam-packed as we’ve been? This is a unique opportunity to decide what works in your life and what doesn’t.

Closing chi tip: Keep what serves you and leave the rest.

Seriously, we're all about uplifting here at Lakanto. Even when we deliver health news that is a bit out-there or perspectives from a super health-conscious mindset, we do so with the intention of educating and inspiring. We want everyone to grow into their best selves, their best health and vitality.

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