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A close-up shot of a variety of vegetables (carrots, beets, etc.) that appear to be in a wagon. The image reads "Bland Veggie Fights Cancer".

Secret Vegetable That Fights Cancer


If you think celery is just a good diet food, think again! Celery is the unsung hero that has cancer-healing properties, is a popular kids’ snack, somehow makes soup better (despite its inconspicuous flavor), AND it burns calories. And yet, most people just pass it over as a “blah” vegetable.   


Why Celery?

Many think that celery is boring and bland, however, do not underestimate the incredible benefits of this amazing vegetable!

  1. Heals Cancer?

The vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients found in the celery have been shown to stop breast cancer from growing. The antioxidant phenolic nutrients protect against oxidative damage to our bodies. Recently, the University of Missouri hypothesized that celery could be a non-toxic treatment for breast cancer. Celery “flavonoids” may lead to breast cancer death by encouraging “autophagy” (destruction of cells).

  1. Smoooothe digestion:

Celery contains polysaccharides which are antioxidants that offer anti-inflammatory benefits and support healthy digestion. These pectin-based polysaccharides have a compound called apiuman which have been shown to decrease stomach ulcers and improve stomach lining. In addition, celery is a high percentage of water (about 95%) with substantial amounts of fiber which keeps you regular!

  1. Drops the LBS

Celery is great for those that are wanting to kickstart their weightloss. First, celery basically has negative calories (about 10 calories per stalk) so it’s great for munching on when you have hunger pangs! Celery is also full of important vitamins and minerals. Try it with some healthy dips that will keep you full longer but won’t ruin your health goals, like hummus or natural nut butters!

  1. Boosts the Immunity

Bring on the celery! Celery is a popular addition to winter soups and stews when cold and flu season is at a peak. Celery is rich in vitamin C which boosts our immunity and makes us less vulnerable to infections and viruses. Pro tip: eat the leaves! Celery leaves are often discarded but they contain the most concentrated doses of potassium, calcium, and vitamin C!

  1. Zzzzzzzs

If you have trouble sleeping, celery may be the cure for you! Celery contains magnesium which soothes and calms your nerves to promote a good sleep pattern. Celery juice is tasty by itself or  a great addition to a smoothie!

  1. Glows

Like previously mentioned, celery has a high concentration of water which helps to rehydrate and rejuvenate our skin! In addition, celery juice helps the skin stay soft, supple, and younger-looking.


 Final Thoughts

Celery is a common produce item in our fridge and has many benefits and uses! Feel free to try steaming it, sneaking it into a soup or smoothie, or remembering your inner child with “ants on a log!”