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Plant Based Meat?

Plant Based Meat

You’ve heard of tofu burgers and bean burgers, but this is NOT the same thing. Plant based meat? Yes, this is an actual meat copycat engineered to have the same components of animal meat, and it could possibly take over the entire meat industry. Over the past few years plant based protein alternatives have always been a vegan thing, rarely consumed by the “meat eaters”.  Now major investors including Twitter co-founder Biz Stone have invested millions to bring this advanced technology to life.


Cutting out the Middle Man

These investors aren’t just throwing their money into taking vegetables and packaging them into bland patties that look and taste nothing like the real thing. They are investing in a brand new and radical process of taking the basic components of plants (Proteins, Lipids, Vitamins) and transforming them into a stunning replica of meat. They apply heating, cooling, and pressure to align plant-proteins in the same fibrous structure that would be found in animal proteins. Basically, imitating the process that animals go through to turn plants into meat. They are doing this process- just without the cow! It looks like a burger, has actually more protein than a burger, but does it really taste like a burger? The plant based meat companies claim their products don’t taste like a pathetic vegetarian substitute. They boast that meat eaters won’t be able to a tell the difference. But you’ll have to be the judge of that.


Plants Are the New Meat

This new plant based meat industry is asking the question: Does meat necessarily have to come from animals? They claim that meat can come from both animals and plants. Humans inextricably connect animals to meat, they just do. But can these new plant based meat companies make a product good enough to break that paradigm for the masses? In any case, this has already proven to be a revolutionary way of eating meat. What do you think? Within the next 100 years, will eating meat from animals become a way of the past?

Absolutely I think in 100 years everyone will be Vegan, simply because meat is becoming more and more unsustainable. The meat of today does not come from happy cows or pigs or…. who eat fresh grass in a meadow. Most meat comes from factory farming which is cruel, barbaric and does not belong to the 21st century. I hope we evolve. To eat Paleo is DEVOLVING for sure, besides what was the life expectancy in the Paleolithic age?? Probably about 20 at best. Think about it!!

Sibylle Hartmann

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