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Little Known Facts about FAT!

Little Known Facts about FAT!

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Little Known Facts about FAT!

Our society is so obsessed with fat and losing fat, by now we should all be experts on the subject. Surprisingly fat is one of the most misunderstood organs in our bodies.Yes, that's right, fat is actually an organ! And it does more than you think. When we eat, the liver takes the digested food and turns it into nutrients our body can use for energy. The liver takes the components of the digested food and turns them into glucose, glycogen, and fat. Our body uses glucose as an instant source of energy for the body’s current needs. When the body is running low on glucose it starts to use glycogen as a source of energy. When our bodies are low on both glucose and glycogen it burns fat as a source of energy.

Good and Bad Fat

We have more than one type of fat, and each fat plays different roles in our bodies. White fat is the fat we try and lose when we are overweight, let’s call this the “bad” fat. The other type of fat is brown fat. Brown fat burns energy to produce heat, let’s call this “good” fat. Each adult has at least a little bit of brown fat, but every bit counts. This “good” fat can increase your metabolic set point, increasing your body’s ability to burn more calories at a very high rate. When fully activated, brown fat generates three hundred times more heat than any other tissue in the body.

How to Activate Brown Fat

Exercise is clearly the most common method for burning fat. This method works because when we work out,  it triggers the release of an enzyme called irisin that prompts white fat cells to convert to fat-burning brown fat. Studies also reveal a much less common, yet effective, way to activate brown fat — being cold. That's right! You don't have to freeze yourself out, but experts have concluded that cold temperatures in fact send a signal to your brain to stimulate brown fat activity by sending blood flow and nerve impulses to brown fat cells. Researchers have found that sitting in a 59˚F room for two hours will stimulate brown fat and burn an extra 100-250 calories. So when you're not actively working out, try turning your thermostat down a few degrees, you'll burn even more fat and save on your gas bill. Even though fat is the most hated part of our bodies we must work with our fat, not against it!