Lakanto Reaches #1 on Amazon!

Lakanto Sweetener earns "Amazon's Choice" Recommendation

Ask yourself, “Three years ago, did I even know what monk fruit was?” If the answer is “Yes” then you are certainly among the minority in the United States. In a short period of time, however, Lakanto MonkFruit Sweetener has become the premier replacement for sugar, now the best-selling sugar substitute on Amazon! In the last few years, America has been through a new awakening—a sugar awakening. We came to realize that it was no longer a question of IF but HOW we need to combat the excessive presence of sugar in our lives.  Americans responded in a huge backlash, turning to all manner of sugar alternatives. Among the many options set forth there were honey, agave, sugar alcohols from A-to-Z, and so on, but each replacement came with its own set of baggage. Then a fruit emerged out of obscurity making some BIG claims. The Immortals Fruit (monk fruit) from the highlands of Asia boasted some unique qualities: A natural sugary sweetness, no blood sugar spike, and no funny aftertaste! Now with over a thousand customer reviews, Lakanto continues to provide the most delicious, healthy way to go sugar free!

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