Introducing New Lakanto Zero Calorie and Low Glycemic Products for 2013

Introducing New Lakanto Zero Calorie and Low Glycemic Products for 2013

We want you to be the first to know about the remarkable new products that we are introducing this week. They are the first of a kind and best in class!

Before you order, make sure you read below to find our March 2013 coupon codes for 10% off!

The new products are: Lakanto® White 800 gm Family Size, Lakanto® White 235 gm EconomySize, and Lakanto® White 3 x 30 Sachets, for the most convenient grab and go for your pocket or purse.

Lakanto® White is destined to be the hottest new product in the zero calorie, low glycemic market for years to come. It's the favorite for chefs and moms, diabetics and weight management alike! Don't miss this unique opportunity to get these amazing new products for your friends and family at healthy savings.

The unique combination of erythritol and extra-high purity Monk Fruit extract, make Lakanto® ideal for your raw food recipes, as well as cooking and baking (with none of the bitter after taste that you get from stevia).

With Easter and the Passover upon us (all Lakanto® products are certified Kosher), Lakanto® is an essential ingredient to enjoy the sweet taste in your favorite recipes, without jeopardizing your health. It's the same sweetness and taste as white sugar, and will replace white sugar 1 to 1 in your favorite recipes.

Order now and receive a 10% discount on these delicious new Lakanto® White products. In fact, all Lakanto® Sugar-Free Chocolate products are on sale now also (better than chocolate Easter bunnies). The sale ends at midnight on March 31st. So act fast to take advantage of this introductory discount while it lasts.

Use coupon code, EASTERPASSOVER10%, by cutting and pasting into the coupon window at checkout. It doesn't get any easier….

From all of us at SarayaHealth, we wish you and yours a Healthy,Happy, Holiday!

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