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Exclusive Access to Health Experts

Exclusive Access to Health Experts

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Do you find it overwhelming trying to be healthy? Do you want to add additional healthy habits to your routine? Whatever you're looking for, usually the first stop is the internet. 

There are a LOT of sources for information on the internet and it's easy to get lost. When it comes to diets and health a lot of the information is contradictory. Because anyone can post things on the internet, it's important to look for credible websites. Look for established institutions and credible experts. One of the best ways to connect with experts is through health summits. 

Register today for The Genius of Your Genes Summit.

Resources for health education

Accessing top health advice is easier than ever with online courses. One of the best ways to learn is from health experts who have worked with a variety of people. At Lakanto, we want to help people reach their highest potential in health and wellness so we joined up with one of our Chi Ambassadors, Robert Yang, to bring you a free health summit. 

This is your chance to learn from one of the very best about how genetics play a part in your health. While there are many things top athletes have in common, the way to reach peak performance is unique to each of us. Robert Yang helps athletes reach their highest potential in health and wellness and now he's making his best advice available to you! 

Register today for The Genius of Your Genes Summit.

Individual DNA and genetics affect how top athletes should train to be their best!
And the same goes for you in your everyday life. You may not be an athlete that has to run eight miles every day or max yourself out in the bench press, but imagine waking up every day and have the ability to perform your best.
You can do that! And for free!'


How to be the best athlete

Learn all you need to know about nutritional genomics when you attend this free, online event! Learn from Robert Yang, Donna Gates, and other leading experts about the science behind nutritional genomics and how your diet affects hormones and how that affects your performance. 

Top athletes share a couple of things in common: cutting edge training, supplementation, nutrition, rehabilitation and performance enhancement. But so much is determined by genetics. 

In Robert Yang's “Sports Nutrition and Genes” you’ll learn things like:

  • The effects of the hormone cycle on performance.

  • Sports testing: should children be tested?

  • Best foods to balance hormones.

Take this opportunity to learn more about yourself and your genes to be the best athlete--and human--you can be!

To help you adjust your diet, to further optimize your health, when you register for The Genius of Your Genes Summit, you'll also gain access to Donna Gates' 192-page cookbook, Living Cookbook! Click here to register and unlock this gift now!

You’ll be offered the opportunity to own this summit after you register.  Having insights and information on this topic for your health library, from the global leaders, is a solid win for your health - and life.

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