Eat Less and Indulge More with This Simple Secret!

Eat Less and Indulge More with This Simple Secret!

As a society we are bombarded with promises that we can eat anything we want and still look amazing or stop spending time in the gym and still look slim! After only a few tries, it becomes apparent that these promises may not be as honest as we would hope. It’s easy, in such a situation, to lose faith, but we’re here to tell you that’s not necessary!

Because even if the above slogans don’t end up being true, there is a maxim you can count on day in, day out, and that’s this: You can treat yourself every single day and still look great. A simple mindset shift can help you eat less and indulge more, all while looking your best every day. If you can just make this new thought pattern habit, you’ll be happier and healthier in no time.

So What’s the Secret?

The secret is this: You can treat yourself without eating. We tend to think of treats as having to consist of food, which robs us of that naughty feeling of enjoyment that we so crave. If you can instead shift your mind to feeling like anything you do that’s fun and enjoyable meets the definition of treat, your emotional eating will almost certainly drop.

Consider the following treats.

1. Hiking

Getting out and moving often feels hard, but if you actually commit to it, this is a great way to treat your body. The high you experience from real exercise is far superior to and longer-lasting than anything you’ll get from food. 

2. Reading a Book or Magazine

Busy students, parents and professionals too rarely get to just sit down and read something of their own choosing. If that describes you, start taking short breaks and reading something you love. That’s a treat that will stick with you long after you go back to work … but in a good way.

3. Engaging in a Craft Project

Like reading, crafts are often pushed to the side when we get busy. Pull that half-finished project out of the shadows the next time you need to unwind or meet a craving. 

4. Taking a Hot Bath

Hot baths are the ultimate treat. They’re quiet, soothing and Zen-like. The hot water elevates your core body temperature and produces a mild feeling of euphoria that is relaxing and energizing all at once, instead of the lethargy associated with edible indulgence.

5. Eating Chocolate 

Of course, we’re all human. Sometimes you simply can’t fix that craving without a sweet treat, and that’s okay. In those situations, avoid heavily sweetened or artificial desserts and instead reach for simple chocolate bars with a hint of monkfruit sweetness, such as the Lakanto Regular Chocolate Bar. It has zero sugar, dairy or gluten, is vegan, and is low on the glycemic index. No longer will you have to feel guilty for sneaking a treat.

See? In the end, treating yourself is as simple as finding the right substitute for unhealthy behavior, limiting your edible treats to times you really need them, and shifting your mindset to see more non-food activities as that special indulgence you crave.

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