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Discover Chi Through Your Spirit Animal

Discover Chi Through Your Spirit Animal

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Many cultures have embraced spirit animals to connect to the physical and metaphysical. The spiritual nature of animals was central to many ancient religious beliefs. Today, understanding your spirit animal can help you discover your chi.

Here, we’ll take a look at the history and types of spirit animals. We’ll explain how you can discover your own, and detail the ways embracing your current spirit animal can help you find and follow your chi.

Spirit animals in ancient cultures.

Many cultures have used animals as protective spirits, guardians, messengers, and even gods. From the Egyptians to the Druids, Native Americans to the Chinese, animals have been seen as protectors and symbols for centuries.

In each culture, one animal represents certain characteristics that are meant to guide or assist you. For ancient cultures, discovering your spirit animal often involved meditation ceremonies, fasting, being buried, and exposure to nature and elements. In today’s world, finding your spirit animal doesn’t take quite such extreme measures. Instead, you can discover your spirit animal by embracing nature.

Discovering your current spirit animal.

If the idea of a spirit animal appeals to you, then keep in mind that your spirit animal will choose you. Following the pattern of the Native Americans, here are six tips for getting started: 

  1. Observe nature around you.
  2. Notice when animals appear in your life, particularly if there is any unusual behavior.
  3. Watch for repetitive encounters with the animal, either physically or symbolically (an object or image).
  4. Read books on animals. Notice when animals stand out to you.
  5. Meditate with a focus on finding a spirit animal. 
  6. Be attentive to dreams that feature animals.

By allowing your spirit animal to choose you, you are more likely to find the animal you need for this season of your life. It’s not a bad practice to undertake this journey often, as spirit animals do change depending on your circumstances. They are better able to guide you when you embrace what comes your way.

25 spirit animals and their meanings.

It is generally accepted that there are 25 spirit animals. Traditionally, spirit animals or totems are seen to guide and protect during a journey or specific time of life. Understanding the characteristics and spiritual qualities of your spirit animal can help you use their wisdom more effectively. As you read about your spirit animal, look for ways their strengths can assist you in discovering chi.

  1. Bear: A symbol of strength and force, they are a powerful totem that can fill you with the courage to fight against adversity. When the bear is your spirit animal, it indicates strength, courage, leadership, and healing.
  2. Butterfly: A symbol of personal transformation. Connecting with this spirit animal can help you embrace change and discover where those changes need to occur.
  3. Cat: Cats encourage you to act. When your spirit animal is the cat, it can encourage you to develop the balance between independence and understanding when you need help.
  4. Coyote: A longtime symbol of trickery and playfulness, the coyote can help you find the balance between wisdom and playfulness. Along with playfulness and trickery, these jokesters indicate adaptability.
  5. Crow: Crows are frequently associated with mystery and magic. If the crow is your spirit animal, it can help you as you gain a higher perspective on life and provide more insight into transformation.
  6. Deer: The sensitivity and strong intuition of the deer will help you deal with challenges with grace. Trust your instincts while the deer is your spirit animal, as its sensitivity, gentleness, and vigilance will help you be both determined and mild.
  7. Dolphin: A mark of harmony and balance, dolphins are not only highly intelligent but also very in tune with their instincts. The balance they reach can also help you achieve balance in your life.
  8. Dragonfly: Similar to the butterfly, dragonflies indicate transformation and adaptability. If they show up in your life, it may be a reminder to bring more joy and light into your day.
  9. Fox: Another trickster, the fox may also guide you in finding your way around obstacles. The fox can help you develop quick thinking, especially if you’re faced with a tricky situation.
  10. Frog: A symbol of transition, the frog can support you in times of change. Closely associated with the water element, the frog also assists in the process of cleansing, be it physical, emotional, or more spiritual.
  11. Hawk: Hawks help you see situations from a higher perspective, and focusing on the task at hand. Hawks can help you develop spiritual awareness, as they signify the power of focus and clear vision.
  12. Horse: Depending on whether this guide is represented as wild, tamed, moving freely, or constrained, the horse can help dictate your life rhythm. Having the horse as your spirit animal can motivate you to continue on your path in life.
  13. Hummingbird: Hummingbirds can guide you in enjoying the sweetness of life and rising above negativity. They can also encourage you to express your love more fully.
  14. Lion: Lions represent courage and strength in overcoming difficulties. They also indicate that something difficult to control is happening in your life.
  15. Owl: A symbol of deep connection with wisdom and knowledge, the owl as your spirit guide can indicate your ability to see what others cannot.
  16. Panda: Tranquil and determined, the panda can help bring forth the importance of personal boundaries and help establish a sense of being grounded.
  17. Panther: Powerful and protective, if the panther is your spirit animal you are blessed with a fierce guardian. They are the symbol of a mother.
  18. Sheep: Sheep invite you to get in touch with the innocence and vulnerability within you. They usually indicate a child-like or innocent aspect of yourself.
  19. Snake: Powerfully connected to energy and life force, snakes indicate healing, change, and transition in your life.
  20. Spider: Both creative and patient, spiders are usually associated with people who are open and seeking ways to be creative.
  21. Tiger: With a special emphasis on feelings and emotions, allow the tiger to guide you in trusting your intuition and acting fast if necessary.
  22. Turkey: A symbol of abundance, this totem encourages you to honor physical, emotional, or spiritual sources of nourishment.
  23. Turtle: The turtle encourages you to walk your path in peace and stick to it. Be mindful of opportunities to take a break in your busy life and seek out ways to feel more grounded.
  24. Whale: Known as the earth’s record keeper, the whale teaches you to listen to your inner voice and follow your own truth.
  25. Wolf: Instinct, intelligence, and an appetite for freedom are all represented by the wolf. Be sure to pay attention to your feelings when the wolf shows up in your life because they often indicate fear or a lack of trust. 

If you are looking for more information about your spirit animal, study the way they live—how they interact with others of their own species as well as with different species. This can help you understand their role in your life. 

Understanding your current spirit animal can help you achieve balance and contentment in each season of your life. Holding an animal as your personal totem can assist you in discovering chi and learning how to find balance no matter your circumstances.