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Devious Cause of Alzheimers - Not What You Think

Devious Cause of Alzheimers - Not What You Think

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Are you promoting a spongy brain? Alzheimer’s is frying our brains and taking over our bodies. You wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy, so why are you continually putting yourself at risk for Alzheimer’s. We are going to explain to you the perfect storm of Alzheimer’s. This storm is taking shape as three key perpetrators emerge through recent scientific studies.

 Step 1: Factory Farming Research has shown that there is one key infectious component at play that could possibly be amplifying the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The infectious protein TDP-43 behaves exactly like the proteins responsible for brain destruction in Mad Cow Disease! According to Dr. Mercola, research has also revealed that “Alzheimer’s patients with TPD-43 were 10 times more likely to have been cognitively impaired at death than those without”.  Due to Alzheimer’s incredible similarities with Mad cow disease, researchers have identified a  possible link between the two. Eating meat from animals raised in concentrated animal feeding operations.  

Step 2: Glyphosate Hidden factors that we never even thought of, such as toxic exposures, can play a distinct role in Alzheimer’s. Over 30 years ago we started using an aggressive chemical called Glyphosate (Roundup) as an agricultural herbicide. This chemical has an active ingredient which is proven to be FAR worse that DDT (a pesticide banned in the 1970’s because of its detrimental harm on the environment and human health.) It took decades to see the damaging consequences of the exposure to DDT, but we are immediately seeing the destructive results from glyphosate. This deadly poison is relentless and once it gets in the soil our foods are growing in, the foods will inevitably be contaminated, inflicting us with harmful doses of this chemical, which can both be immediately harmful to us and very possibly have devastating long term effects.

Step 3: Sugar- Insulin resistance Alzheimer’s disease is highly related to lifestyle choices. There are direct links between insulin resistance and dementia and the more processed foods we eat will undoubtedly add a significant risk for Alzheimer’s. Recent studies followed hundreds of older adults for over 20 years and their research shows that people with the highest insulin resistance were the ones with the worst memory test scores and cognitive function. The more sugar we shove into our bodies will only increase our insulin resistance- thus, frying our brains.   Each of these 3 factors alone are a threat to our health, but once you add each one on top of each other it’s adding immense fuel to the fire. Each factor added creates an exponential risk for Alzheimer’s. So now you know the right steps to getting Alzheimer’s but what if you actually don’t want Alzheimer’s? Rememeber your diet is the most important factor and try following these steps:

  1.       Avoid Processed foods
  2.       Get rid of sugar
  3.       Replace carbs with healthy fats
  4.       Buy organic- or get into gardening!
  5.       Never purchase genetically engineered foods
  6.        Only purchase grass-fed beef, and free range chicken
  7.       Eat meat sparingly