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Community: Spotlight on Autism Spectrum Disorder

Community: Spotlight on Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Each person affected with Autism has unique and very personal experiences with this crazy, loud, and overwhelming world.

Awareness and positive change for those living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is driven by widespread grassroots and community efforts. Families who have a loved one with Autism, Aspergers, severe ADD or ADHD will tell you that these disorders can and do make life feel very isolated. While other parents are busy taking their kids to play dates and sports practice, parents of children with Autism are more often going to appointments for behavioral, cognitive, and sensory therapies (just to name a few).

Understanding Autism.

Autism is a complex developmental disorder, which is why it is a spectrum: the range of severities, subtypes and symptoms is pretty extensive. In general, people with ASD have difficulty with communicating, social interactions and restricted/repetitive interests and behaviors. Often, these challenges are accompanied by sensory issues with sounds, smells, touch, or vision.

Take a moment to empathize.

Pause for a moment and listen to your surroundings. Take it all in, all at once: the hum of the air conditioning or an appliance, a nearby conversation, a bird chirping through an open window, cars driving. Now imagine everything is coming through a megaphone, each of those environmental sounds at the same, loud level. This is the unstoppable force that many people with Autism have to deal with, constantly. How would you respond if this was what your world constantly felt like?

Each person affected with Autism has unique, and very personal experiences with this crazy, loud and overwhelming world. They deserve the extra care and support that can enhance their experience navigating such a confusing world.

Autism prevalence is now one in every 59 children in America, yet a large portion of society lacks a clear understanding of the struggles that come with Autism. Although it’s likely that most children and teens have someone afflicted with ASD within their school, church, or neighborhood, the awareness needed to truly accept and include people with ASD is lacking. Take one step right now toward understanding life with Autism: watch this impressive video for a first-hand account.

Lakanto is invested in helping the ASD community and organizations supporting Autism awareness, and you can get involved as well.

Lakanto team united for hope for Autism

Partner with organizations making a difference.

As a change-maker in the natural foods industry, Lakanto’s partnership with the Autism Hope Alliance is perfectly aligned with our mission to bring chi to life by inspiring people to reach their highest potential in health and wellness. We are proud to support their efforts to build community and offer aid to families facing the diagnosis of Autism. The Autism Hope Alliance provides life-changing resources to families living with Autism through education, financial support and volunteerism.

  • In 2018, the Autism Hope Alliance helped nearly 13,000 families. Listen to a message of hope from their president, Kristin.
  • Lakanto helped by providing donated product for their Pamper Me Pantry natural products box initiative.

Promote awareness and get involved in your local communities.

volunteers working together

In an effort to promote awareness for Autism and volunteerism in your community we’d like to share opportunities dedicated to increasing inclusion and helping those with Autism. This aligns with the Autism Society of America’s goal during Autism Awareness Month to “encourage more friends and collaborators to become partners in movements toward acceptance and appreciation.”

Here are some helpful resources and networks with opportunities to help you get involved:

Learn about the spectrum to better understand what life with Autism means.

Step into the mind of a mother raising an autistic child.
Learn how to befriend someone with ASD.
Explore helpful resources from AHA’s list of recommendations.

Engage with someone who has Autism so you can explore how to better include them and respond to them in social situations.

Autism Speaks organizes walks all over the country, open to anyone.
Understand what building friendships entails for someone with autism.

Volunteer with a local event or organization and share some positivity through community efforts.

Volunteer with TACA: The Autism Community in Action
Chapters by state with Autism Speaks

Give the gift of natural sugar-free products that positively affect a friend with Autism.

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