Blow Torch Your Fat: Part 2

Last week we talked about eating a diet that lowers the production of insulin in order to blow torch your fat.

You’re probably saying to yourself “I’ve tried countless diets and they never seem to work.” So what makes this diet so special? The proven Keto diet uses fat to burn fat – and it actually works.

You may be familiar with how and why our bodies store fat. When we eat we always use glucose as an instant source of energy, and unfortunately for us, our fat will always be the last to get used. Before you give up all hope on burning fat, there is a simple solution: Lower your insulin levels to increase your ability to burn fat as an energy source. Fat is not an eternal companion that you are forced to live with forever – you can easily change your body from a glucose burning machine to a FAT burning machine.

Ketosis – Burn Fat Fast

Ketosis is the natural process the body initiates when it is almost completely fueled by fat (not glucose). The process of Ketosis occurs during low food intake or low carb intake. During ketosis our liver produces small fuel molecules called “Ketones”. You produce ketones to burn fat as an alternative fuel to help survive when food intake is low.

Because of the Keto Diet your insulin levels will be so low your body will have no choice but to go to your fat stores to burn energy. What’s great about this diet is how easy it is to follow. You can enter into Ketosis by consuming high amounts of fat, moderate amounts of protein, and very low amounts of carbs.

Starve the Enemy!

The key to ketosis is to starve the enemy. Last week we spoke briefly about the enemy: Sugars, Simple Carbs, and certain Proteins. These are all the enemy because they can all spike your glucose levels. When you have these spike you will immediately start burning glucose over any other energy fuel – Glucose will always win the battle over fat. Remember, the whole point is to have your body burning fat not glucose. When you fill your body full of the right fats and less of the “Enemy” you will see your fat melt right off! Dieting shouldn’t be painful, and the right diet should help you keep the pesky love handles away! Try the proven fat burning diet for yourself – Here are few tips to help you achieve your maximum fat burning potential:

•Keep carb intake low-20-25g/day (carbs spike glucose levels)
•Cut out Sugar
•Fat is good – Don’t worry about eating fat, the keto diet is fueled by it
•Drink lots of water
•Stop snacking – less insulin spikes in your body during the day = better weight loss results
•Start fasting – We know… Fasting may seem archaic but research has proven it to work. In fact, it is the fastest way to reach ketosis

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